Weight management as a New Year’s resolution?

Weight management as a New Year’s resolution? Decide for yourself.

The New Year is traditionally the time when, after a festive season of indulgence, many of us decide that enough is enough. We know we can do better and we resolve to live a better, healthier and more productive life. Gym owners rub their hands in eager anticipation and sales of sports wear, cycles and trainers soar. But what are the pros and cons of managing weight as a New Year’s Resolution?


  • You will start to feel better.
  • You will begin to do more as the excess weight is lost.
  • Skin, hair and circulation will improve as sugar, fats and processed foods disappear from the diet to be replaced by fresh, healthy food and a balanced exercise regime.
  • Sleep and digestion will start to improve and there may be a reduction in lethargy and general aches and pains.
  • In anticipation of weight reduction, January is the perfect time to hit the sales for new outfits!


  • It means changing your routine.
  • It means making an effort.
  • You might have to spend a bit more time cooking from scratch.
  • What about the cupboard full of food left over from Christmas? (You know what I mean – cakes, biscuits, tinned goods bought "just in case"). Why not donate it to your local foodbank?
  • You might fail.

Unfortunately, many people set unrealistic targets for themselves, either making too many demands on their time and body or making “woolly” targets: "lose weight" rather than "lose 6lbs by the end of January". Instead of being unrealistic, enlist the support of friends and family, consider joining a club of some sort or download calorie-counting apps, book a session of hypnotherapy or perhaps see a nutritionist.

  • Go to the gym two to three times per week, not everyday, to reduce the risk of injury and/or boredom.
  • Use a step counter. Aim to build up to ten thousand steps per day, over a period of a couple of weeks.
  • Plan meals and cook from scratch whenever possible.
  • Have atleast three balanced meals per day.
  • Don’t abandon everything if you have an off day - just start again tomorrow!

There are many weight management programmes available using hypnotherapy. Usually these are face to face but there are also group sessions, skype sessions, apps to download and generic recordings to buy, so if you are thinking of addressing a weight issue it is advisable to do your research and find the right method for you.

What would a hypnotherapist focus on?

The hypnotherapist will take time to find out about you and your relationship with food and exercise. This is so the programme they use is tailored to your needs and addresses any issues from the past and any issues which may affect success.

You will be encouraged to eat mindfully: sitting at a table, taking time over your meal and savouring each bite. Eating from a smaller plate also works well. Exercise and drinking water will become a new habit. You will probably be given a recording to listen to on a daily basis to reinforce the session.

Along the way there will be lots of positive reinforcement, ego strengthening and relaxation.

Happy New Year and good luck!

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Beverley HU17
Written by Anne Marie Stagg, Dip.Hyp.ISCH B.Ed Enhanced DBS Reiki Master
Beverley HU17

Anne Marie is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist based in Hull, East Yorkshire.
As a virtual gastric band practitioner she sees clients for weight management, food/sugar addictions etc but also for a range of other issues including smoking cessation, nail biting, fear of flying and exam performance.

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