Weight-loss hypnosis Vs Gastric Band Hypnosis

Hypnosis is often perceived as an easy option in terms weight-loss because there is a belief that it facilitates change with limited input from the individual i.e. the basis of the stereotypical phrase “look into my eyes.”

At present, hypnotic gastric bands are very much in fashion, because it appears to provide an easy solution to the problem of losing excess weight. When you undertake research on the side effects of surgical gastric bands, it becomes apparent very quickly that although the surgery creates an inability, in the vast majority of cases, to over consume food, the underlying psychological issues remain intact and are a recognised side effect of surgery. This side effect can manifest itself as increased smoking, drinking alcohol or other undesired addictive behaviours which give temporary pleasure or meet the underlying psychological needs. In other words the reason(s) for overeating migrate and are expressed as other equally unwanted behaviours.

In light of this, it is obvious that whilst the creation of hypnotic gastric band will give benefits to the client, it is unlikely that this alone will provide long-term solutions. I have found that even with exceptionally good hypnotic subjects, the benefits of only generating a hypnotic gastric band are finite without addressing the psychological “drivers” which appear to compel individuals to over eat. Eventually, the “problem” will override the suggestions for the hypnotic gastric band. I have noticed that there are similarities between hypnotic gastric band hypnosis and the most common suggestion based hypnosis to stop smoking i.e. there is a high fee to be paid and a focus on treating the symptoms (overeating) rather than the cause(s) (psychological).

It is critical that you break the emotional links with food so that the individual can truly be free to choose to eat only when their body needs nourishment. This potentially requires addressing any earlier negative experiences and working on issues such as low self-esteem, improving feelings of self-worth, increasing confidence etc. Alongside this you can then successfully use hypnosis to change eating patterns.  

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