Weight loss & gastric band hypnotherapy for the 'lockdown stones'

They say that 90 days can make a habit, and as lockdown was longer than that, it’s possible you have made new habits of your own, some great, others not so good.


Does 90 days make a habit?

You might have heard a lot about the ‘lockdown stones’ and the many reasons that people have put on weight lately, from over-indulgence to emotional eating and all in between.

Maybe you recognise some examples of weight creeping up; from eating extra biscuits or cakes, making extravagant meals or puddings to compensate for not going out. Some people have been increasing portion sizes and having second helpings. Whilst the examples may not be new the reported intensity in which people have craved and increased their intake has been different.

Loss of motivation

If because pubs and restaurants were closed, you increased at-home drinking habits, both regularity and amount of consumption, then you may have realised that along with the calories in alcohol, comes the loss of inhibitions. So, when it comes to reaching out for your favourite snack, unlike the pub, it is readily available in your cupboard within seconds, making it harder to stay strong.

So if you have lacked the motivation, or you’ve lost your reasons for weight loss, with holidays, weddings and other celebrations being cancelled or postponed, but you really want to make the change, then support through hypnotherapy may be just what you need.

What is important to you?

If you’re reading this, something may be resonating with you, so discovering the reasons you over-eat really is the important part of your weight loss journey. 

Exploring, and working through the reasons why we do anything is a fantastic place to start. Often boredom, sadness, grief, stress, anxiety and reward are reasons why people turn to food and drink for comfort, along with the short-lived dopamine kick; this quick spike often makes things much worse afterwards as shame, anger and guilt kick in.

Then as your subconscious mind will never allow you to do something against your morals, values or judgements, understanding why and if you really want to change is the next very important stage. 

Once we understand fully how you would like to change, then hypnotherapy programmes can be tailored around you, to ensure your needs are met, your changes are in place and you are as motivated as possible to achieve your goal.

What is hypnotic gastric band therapy?

Whilst many people enjoy the results that mind re-patterning weight loss hypnotherapy brings, others love the structure, immediacy, and complete change that hypnotic gastric band therapy delivers. Programmes around the country will vary, but in essence you are able to enjoy the results of weight loss surgery, without the operation and through an enjoyable, safe, and relaxed hypnotic programme instead.

Your therapist should follow regulatory guidelines on the amount of weight loss permitted and enquire and assess that you are able to reduce your weight without becoming ill. If you have any underlying conditions or they have any queries, they may also ask you to check with your GP prior to starting weight loss.

Following the programme, your subconscious mind will be programmed to believe it can only eat small portions of food, the size of which will be safely pre-agreed with your therapist. Sometimes if mutually agreed with your therapist, this can involve only having a liquid or pureed diet for a period of time.

The hypnotic gastric band programme is usually carried out over a number of sessions, for example, consultation and understanding, hypnotic pre-op session, hypnotic gastric band operation and follow-up, with band-adjustment (tighter or looser) if required.

Once your mind is re-programmed to believe that you have had the operation, you are free to enjoy an amazing weight loss journey.

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Stafford, Staffordshire, ST20
Written by Karen Hemmings, Dip.AHT - The Healing Mind
Stafford, Staffordshire, ST20

Karen Hemmings is a Master Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, an EFT and Reiki therapist. Through her work at The Healing Mind, she has helped many clients successfully lose weight, reduce anxiety, stress, phobias and chronic pain. Karen believes it’s because she fully understands clients’ needs, values and motivations. She specialises in change.

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All therapists are verified professionals