Weight loss - fad diets and costs

£1.8 billion will be spent this year on dieting.

Research shows* that 45% of those who start their diet/watching what they eat on 15th January, will stay on their diet for six or more weeks. In comparison, 42% of those who started their diet on New Year’s Day will give up within two to four weeks. Additional research has shown that if we do not lose those extra Christmas pounds by the end of January, we may never lose them!

With 66% of Brits wanting to lose weight and just 14% of us completely happy with our bodies, unhealthy eating is a major concern. However, 17% of us cite the added cost of food to be the main reason for giving up on their eating plan. So, what is the best way to lose that weight? 

ITV’s Save Money – Good Health programme (aired 5th January 2017) compared some of the most popular, current, diet plans based on cost of the diet and weight lost over a month; the individuals participating had the diet most fitting to their lifestyle. All participants lost weight, with varying success and differing drain on their wallets and purses. Although these examples are only based on one individual per diet plan, the cost per lb lost compared to the number of lbs in weight lost are astounding.

The examples from the program are:

Juicing diet

  • Cost £299 per month.
  • Crash diet for rapid weight loss.
  • Programme indicated "due to the drastic change in eating habit, when reverting to eating normal foods/meals, the likelihood of regaining weight is high".
  • 17lbs of weight lost.
  • Cost per pound lost - £17.59 per lb.

Shakes, bars and portion controlled meal diet

  • £336 per month.
  • Noticeable energy loss due to low calorie intake (600 per day)
  • Programme indicated "drastic and not sustainable at that calorie level".
  • 23lbs of weight lost.
  • £14 per lb.

Paleo cost

  • £435 per month.
  • 13lbs of weight lost.
  • £33 per lb.

Lean 15 

  • Cost £647 per month.
  • Tired and migraines.
  • 15lbs of weight lost.
  • £43 per lb.

Pre-cooked delivered meals

  • Cost £364 per month.
  • 13lbs of weight lost.
  • £28 per lb.

5 and 2 (Mediterranean)

  • Cost £468 per month.
  • Programme informed "participant put weight on after stopping diet".
  • 17lbs of weight lost.
  • £27 per lb.

The average weight loss was 16.3lbs over the month, which equates to an average of £27.01 per lb lost, a total cost of £440.26 to lose 16.3lbs and without any guarantee that the weight will stay off once a normal diet is resumed. 

Curative hypnotherapy provides one thing that the programme, the creators of these diets, and any other diet for that matter, missed and that is “why do people battling with weight or eating issues feel compelled to eat the way they do?".

Finding the ‘why’ is exactly what curative hypnotherapy sets out to do, discover ‘why’ a person has a need, a requirement, to eat the way they do or why they are unable to maintain a healthy weight.  There will always be a reason ‘why’ and by discovering and subsequently removing that reason, the issue is resolved completely and permanently! 

On average, it takes eight sessions of curative hypnotherapy (£485 total) to find and remove the cause of ‘why’ a person has their weight or eating issue completely and permanently, not to return, compared to the £440.26 average cost of just one month’s diet; making curative hypnotherapy a very cost effective option.

*details published by Daily Mail January 2011

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Written by Keith Gullis, Curative Hypnotherapy, Keith Gullis, GQHP, GHR, CNHC
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