Weight loss by cognitve behavioural hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool to help someone change any undesirable behaviors that they may have, and especially the behaviors that stop a person from achieving their target weight (or a desirable weight that a person feels comfortable with). A lot of people have the age old problem of reaching their target weight and then falling back into old behavioral patterns.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a talking therapy that allows a person to to identify beliefs that are causing the problems and behaviors that are associated with this belief. For example someone may have the belief that they are unlovable and, as a consequence of that, they have a coping behavior of overeating and not engaging in exercise as they feel that they are not worth it hypothetically.

The end game with CBT is to modify this belief (referred to as a core belief) through engaging in a various set of cognitive exercises to modify this and then engage in a series of behavioral exercises to help modify behavior and change the sense of self. This takes time. The advantage of having hypnotherapy with cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy is that you're killing two birds one stone.

When you are seeing a therapist using cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy you not only addressing the behavior but you are also addressing the underlying belief as well and since this is done through the process of hypnotherapy the process of change occurs very quickly.

The process also continues once the therapy has ended as the clinical hypnotherapist will also give you a self hypnosis CD and follow up work to continue the process going as the whole process is based on empowerment. A lot of people are put off by the concept of “therapy” as there seems to be a negative stereotype of the length of time it takes to work with people. However people are very resilient and a lot of work can be done in a couple of sessions with people. I really enjoy using cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy as I feel that you really get to the route of the problem in a minimal time period with a client.

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