We are all Hypnotists...

Hypnosis is feared by so many simply because it is misunderstood by most - including so-called experts. Hypnosis is not a special trance state or some unique mind-controlled trick. It is simple communication. And like communication it is fluid, dynamic and, exquisitely complex .

For instance, during a conversation a hypnotists may ask you to give him/her your hand, which you do, and then he/she asks you an unrelated question, simultaneously touching your wrist subtly, in a way to suggest that it stays in the air. If your hand/arm stays where it is, or it drops under its own weight to rest loosely by your side, unconscious communication has taken place and a suggestion has been followed. The suggestion was the hypnotist's and you unconsciously accepted it. Hypnosis is then said to have been initiated. For therapeutic purposes hypnosis is fully established when the undivided attention of the unconscious has been gained.

Stage hypnotists get the undivided attention of the unconscious very rapidly, as do I when required to do so, and so long as you are willing to accept suggestions at an unconscious level, deep hypnosis (deep unconscious rapport) is established. And, because the unconscious mind is capable of simultaneously controlling 37.2 trillion cells (the best estimate of total cells in the human body) every second for an average of 70-ish years, the available 'processing' power available, is quite literally limitless.

Is it any wonder that hypnosis is so successful at bringing about positive change? Is it any wonder why it is also feared by so many? At a very very deep level we (all humans) know how powerful we truly are. We know, somewhere deep in this limitless mind, what we can do when we are free from social and cultural programming. This is why so many of us fear the hypnotist. We fear the truth and favour the illusion.

But I want to suggest this - that we are all hypnotists. We all communicate in order to get others to do things we want them to do. Some are very good at it. They charm easily and naturally. They call that charisma. Some hardly ever speak a word. their body's do most of the work for them. They call that flirting. Some know what they are doing and do it so well that they use it solely for their own benefit; I call that illegal. But then I would because I have studied and researched all forms of hypnosis, reading thousand's of pages of evidence, working with wonderful people, with amazing hypnotic talents. More than this though, just watch any small child get exactly what they want with the minimum amount of communication.  Any parent will tell you how much their child communicates in a single noise.

We are all hypnotists. I know my trade and I can spot a natural hypnotist before a word has been uttered.

"So don't learn something that will be useful, don't teach yourself how to use the limitless power of your hidden mind, don't read this and feel like you want to know more". These words are hypnotic, because these words are written to suggest something else.

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