We all resist change

How frustrating to want to change your relationship with food and yet it only works for a few weeks after New Year's resolutions. How irritating to read a self-help book wanting to be more confident and a few months later everything returns to normal. 

A feeling of positivity after joining the gym lasts for six weeks, then a personal blow takes you back to square one. Putting all that energy into being the "perfect" family over Christmas only to find your children have been back to school with the same problems they had last year. 

So many of us have been there. Felt the disappointment of being the "same old, unconfident" me. Well I hope I can help you face getting back to "normal".

Accepting that all the negative beliefs about yourself are often still in place. The subconscious mind is so very powerful those circuits that have been set up in your own childhood are often deeply ingrained. Talking about your obsession with dieting and food can help temporarily, however when the stresses of life start up again, all those deeply rooted ideas you learnt as a child kick back into your life, without an understanding of what's going on at a conscious level. Your subconscious prefers what it has learnt to making changes. 

For example, that school bully at age 12 calling you "fat and ugly", begins to affect you again. The parent who punishes you if you don't finish all of your food at dinner kicks in. Then the guilt that follows can be all encompassing. Those times you needed emotional support and were offered cakes and biscuits instead immediately kick in when you least want them. 

Analytical hypnotherapy works at a subconscious level. Thus changes you make are deep and often long lasting.

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Written by Anne Bryson, MA, DCHP, PGCE
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