Using past life regression to resolve problems

Very often past life regression is done to satisfy a client’s curiosity. Clients will often go to a hypnotherapist for past life regression because they are curious about who they were in their past lives. They might also want to find out who their current loved ones were in their previous lives and if their relationships in this life are influenced by what may have happened. This is a great way to sort out relationship issues that seemingly come from nowhere!

However, past life regression is also a very powerful form of therapy that can be used to try and facilitate a resolution of clients presenting problems. Sometimes we may be suffering from a physical ailment that seems to have no cause and therefore resolution is difficult.

The client may have explored every avenue to try and get to the root of the problem without success. This is where past life regression can be particularly helpful, as the ailment may have been carried from a past life. By resolving issues that occurred in previous lives we can be freed from pain and other ailments in this life.

There are three types of clients who are most likely to benefit from exploring their previous lives.

There are those that are interested in past life regression and are curious as to what lives they have lived. This curiosity is usually prompted by the client’s unconscious. The fact that the client has no therapeutic objective in mind, doesn't mean that the whole process will not lead to a therapeutic outcome.

Those that have a specific attitude towards regression therapy and believe that their current problems are linked to previous lives.

And finally, the clients that have received other therapies, yet their symptoms still persist. These clients may not have a belief in past lives, but can still benefit from past life therapy and are often surprised at the positive outcome this therapy can bring.

American Psychologist, Dr. Edith Fiore is a pioneer in the field of past life regression, she discovered that identifying traumatic experiences from more than one previous life and then processing these traumas can lead to full resolution of the client’s presenting problem.

Attending past life regression with a professionally trained hypnotherapist is an extremely safe, powerful and effective therapy.

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