Using past life regression to heal your future

Past life regression is really popular at the moment! Is it because we’re intrigued by the possibility of past lives? Maybe there’s some kind of spiritual awakening going on? Or is just trendy to know what job you had in a past life?


There are therapists who offer one-off past life regression sessions. I’ve been to a past life regression party myself! What I expected was that I was some kind of housemaid in a past life. That’s not what happened though…

I arrived at the party with my bottle of wine and some nibbles to share. We each took it in turns to go into the other room and sit in the chair for 15-20 minutes. I was asked to choose an oracle card that we’d look at when the session was over. Then it began.

The lovely, friendly therapist put her hands on my shoulders and guided me to my past life. Where it took me was quite scary. I was on a boat – a relatively small trawler with far too many people for the boat to carry. They were wearing clothes that were from another century, way back when, but when exactly I’m not sure. They were poor. I was the captain and the boat was sinking. People were screaming because they couldn’t swim. 

"What is the message you need to hear right now?" she said.

"There’s nothing you can do," was my reply.

She brought me back and we turned the card over. It showed the deep ocean. I thought it was a set-up and everyone would be going to that boat for a message. But they didn’t.

What this experience uncovered for me, was a possible cause of my fear of drowning. It’s a fear I didn’t tell many people about. But my husband knew – every time there was a scene under the sea or with people putting their heads in water, I’d cover my eyes.

I expected a lighthearted, fun experience. But instead, I dwelled on that session for a while. I could have booked hypnotherapy sessions to help me overcome that fear, but that’s not what I’d signed up for. That’s not the problem I wanted to focus on at the time.

It doesn’t matter what you believe. Past life regression can be a trip to a previous life – if that’s what you believe. It could also be a doorway to some underlying feelings you have about yourself that your subconscious mind is keeping locked away. Not necessarily a past life. We don’t have the answer to that.

Past life regression is a great tool when used as part of a package of sessions. It’s not ideal to open people up to fears they’re not ready to address, only to leave them alone with them after. I’m not saying these parties shouldn’t happen (everyone else had lighthearted experiences), but I am saying that’s not the way I want to use them.

When you come to me with a phobia or anxiety, we focus on alleviating your symptoms first, so you’re ready to handle the deeper work. If I think it’s appropriate and you are open to past life regression, I will suggest it. But there will always be a session or two after where we can address anything that may have arisen as a result of that session.

So, you leave after your time with me knowing you’ve been supported along the way.

If you’re ready to tackle a habit, fear or anxiety, book a call with me today.

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Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5
Written by Sarah Fish, MSc Dip.HSH GQHP CNHC (Stress, Anxiety, Cravings)
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5

Sarah Fish is passionate about helping her clients overcome whatever is holding them back, so they have the freedom to live joyfully! Her sessions take place online or in person in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. She specialises in anxiety, phobias and habits, but she's trained in so much more! Visit for more information.

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