Top tips to help you stop smoking

Many people are aware of the addiction to nicotine and other health problems that smoking can cause and there are often hidden fears about stopping smoking too, fears such as; Will I put on weight? How will I cope? and What will my friends think of me? to list a few. Hypnotherapy can help you to address these issues and when combined with your motivation, can be an effective way to leave cigarettes in the past.

Smokers are often concerned about how they will manage cigarette cravings once they become a non-smoker. Hypnotherapy can help you to change your mindset and direct your own motivation to help you quit smoking and there are also some practical things that you can do to help you beat those cravings too. Here are some of my top tips:

Throw it away
Throw out all your cigarettes, tobacco, ashtrays, lighters and anything else that reminds you of smoking. As a non-smoker, you have no need for these items.

Do the washing
Fabrics and soft furnishings absorb the smell of stale old cigarette smoke, so wash your clothes and bedding and clean your car to remove the smell. Clean your house and open the windows to let clean, fresh air in.

Make a list
Write down all the reasons why you want to stop smoking and carry it with you. Write a list of all the things that you can do instead of smoking and carry that with you too.

Make a plan
Plan ahead for situations where you might be tempted to smoke such as at parties, at work or going out with friends or family. If you think these situations might be difficult for you, plan how you will cope with any cravings or temptation.

Drink fresh fruit juice
In the first three or four days after you've stopped smoking, when nicotine leaves your body, your own natural blood sugar levels can drop, causing you to become irritable and restless. Drinking fruit juice or eating fresh fruit can help you to stay hydrated and keep your blood sugar levels regulated.

Do something else
Go for a walk, read a book, check your emails, play a game on your phone or talk to a friend or work colleague. Hold something else such as a pen or beads to replace the need to hold a cigarette.

Get support
Let your family, friends and work colleagues know that you have stopped smoking so that they can provide support if you need it. Ask smokers not to offer you cigarettes.

All change
Change the way you think about yourself to "I am a non-smoker". You are no longer a smoker who is trying to stop; you no longer smoke. From now on, whenever someone offers you a cigarette, your answer will be: "No thanks, I don't smoke".

There is no such thing
From now on, there is no such thing as "just one more cigarette". There are no more cigarettes; not even one.

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Written by Vicki Crane, D.Hyp, DipThyp, PNLP, MHS (Acc) | Sessions in Leeds & Online
Leeds LS16 & LS1

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Vicki Crane is a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner helping people with a wide variety of life issues. She provides supervision for hypnotherapists and is an accredited member of The National Hypnotherapy Society. Vicki is also the founder of which provides hypnosis MP3 downloads.

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