The voice in your head

Do you find that your head is filled with noise? It’s there when you wake up, it’s there when you go to sleep and when you think about it it’s there every other minute of your waking day too…

For some people this will be a song from the radio, a jingle or a TV ad which just won’t go away – I’m sure we can all remember the Crazy Frog ringtone from a couple of years ago…

For others it is a negative chatterbox constantly putting you down, telling you that you are worthless or stupid or fat or ugly…

So where did these negative chatterbox messages come from originally? Maybe a parent or friend made a comment, even as a joke, but it struck a chord and stayed with you? Perhaps you identified strongly with a character on TV or in a book or in a story you heard as a child? Perhaps you have faced a new challenge or opportunity and doubted your ability to so have subconsciously looked for a reason not to succeed.

If you hear something enough times you will believe it and these limiting beliefs will affect every decision you make. The constant negative chatter could also affect your sleep and your ability to make day to day decisions which in turn might make you feel anxious and insecure.

There are some simple things that you can do to help yourself:

Take some time for yourself each day to simply relax and focus on breathing. Choose to change your routine for simpler things: if your head is full of a particularly irritating tune then change what you listen to; find a quiet place to simply sit and relax or lose yourself in a good book. Make a list of 3 things which have made you smile each day and review it at the end of each week.

Hypnotherapy will give you the tools to take charge and make these changes. The hypnotherapist will work on building your self-esteem, reducing your anxiety levels and having a positive mindset. You may be asked to make adjustments in your mental control room to turn down the volume or change the tune. You may be taught self-hypnosis to use in conjunction with breathing techniques or be asked to choose a worry window each day when you can tune in to the niggly negative chatter whilst ignoring it for the rest of the time.

Contact a hypnotherapist and make the choice to change; say goodbye to that negative chatterbox for good!

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Written by Anne Marie Stagg ~ GHR

Anne Marie is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Hull, East Yorkshire. With a special interest in stress and confidence Anne Marie sees clients age eight upwards from across East Yorkshire for a wide range of issues which in recent months has included smoking cessation, weight loss, nail biting, white coat hypertension and study skills.… Read more

Written by Anne Marie Stagg ~ GHR

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