The view from above

Here is a guided visualisation you can do in your imagination, or within self-hypnosis if you know how to do that.

The process comes from the Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius and has been introduced to hypnotherapy probably by Donald Robertson who is both a leading writer on Stoicism and a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy trainer.

It is a process that can help you alter your perspective on certain matters as well as getting a sense of the amazing vastness we live within - which is in itself a way to life ourselves out of myopic concern with ourselves!

Step one: Get yourself into a comfortable position. In that comfortable position, close your eyes, relax, and if you know how to, go into self-hypnosis, otherwise just pay attention to your breathing and let yourself settle.

Step two: Imagine that you are watching yourself relaxing, watch yourself get even more comfortable and relax even more deeply.

Step three: Start to float up and see yourself down below. Float even higher, noticing the tops of houses, roads and surroundings getting smaller as you float upwards. Take your time.

Float even higher, into the sky, see the earth below you and how the light changes as you go into the star-filled space.

Notice the beauty of the planet Earth and the stars around you. Enjoy that feeling and notice how peaceful it is up there in space.

Step four: From this place in space, breathing comfortably, begin to imagine that you can breathe in light, and as you breathe in light you are breathing in wisdom.

As you breathe in wisdom, keeping that feeling of breathing in the light, bring to mind a matter that is challenging you down there on Earth. Just begin to contemplate it from within this nice feeling and notice what new ideas come to mind now.

Step five: When you have spent all the time you need to doing that, thank the space and universe around you and with a feeling of gratitude, begin to slowly drift downwards, back into the atmosphere, back into your room and back into your body, bringing the new learnings and perspective with you.

Once you are in your body, wriggle your fingers and toes and fully present in your body open your eyes and notice any difference in the quality of light, bring the session to an end.

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