The use of self-hypnosis with memory enhancement

The mind is an amazing thing and is capable of so much, we have very little understanding of its full potential. The actual impact that self-hypnosis can have on a person's memory is phenomenal. Through the use of hypnotherapy or developing a self-hypnosis program for yourself you can help improve memory retention. There have been numerous studies for the use of hypnosis with memory recall, but what about enhancing memory in general. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a language or a specific body of knowledge like philosophy but have been too intimidated to. Here is a short visualisation technique that can help start this process and really helps if you are a visual learner naturally.

  • Close your eyes or if you feel uncomfortable with closing your eyes find an area to focus on such as a fixed point.

  • Take a few deep breaths to help relax you.

  • Start to visualise a large castle.

  • This can be from any time period - try and add as much detail as you possibly can. Are there other people around? What is the scenery like? What sounds can you hear?

  • How many rooms are in your castle? Make a room for each skill or area of knowledge that you want to develop. These individualised rooms will then allow you to systematically store each piece of information. This can be through any way you want - be creative allow your mind to come up with a solution. Arranging the information could be through the use of actual objects floating in the room, a filing system, a black board or all of it, there is no limit.

  • Once you have created the rooms and have added the information that you want you can open your eyes.

This technique is further enhanced when done with self-hypnosis and the more you practice the better it gets. Get creative, add different colours, smells and have a more fantasy feel to it. Over time this can become a very good technique in accessing specific information but like anything it has be maintained and practiced or the effects tend to be limited. Other ways to enhance this is through art work and try and develop a clearer picture but it is not necessary.

Through the use of hypnosis and visualisation the unconscious mind can be accessed which allows the person a large array of resources to utilise for their benefit it just takes a little time. Enjoy.

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