The Two Types of Client When it Comes to Quitting Smoking

Clinical hypnotherapists generally treat two types of client when is comes to quitting smoking:

  • The first type of client is one that intellectually realises that quitting smoking is beneficial and for this reason would like to quit. This type of client generally takes a little longer to quit smoking and will need more hypnotherapy sessions than the second type.
  • The second type of client is one that has a heartfelt desire to quit smoking. This type of client wants nothing more to do with smoking and just needs a little help to end the subconscious habit. This type of client generally finds it far easier to quit smoking and will typically be able to quit in a single hypnotherapy session.

Quitting smoking for the first type of client is more difficult because the client has made an intellectual decision and not an emotional decision. The intellectual mind is part of the conscious mind and if there’s ever any conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind always wins because it’s far more powerful.

A clinical hypnotherapist would help this type of client to convert the intellectual choice into a heartfelt desire which occurs at a subconscious level. This process could take a couple of hypnotherapy sessions, but once complete, the client would be ready for change and would typically find quitting smoking far easier and quicker.

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