The Sweet Way to Kiss it Better

When the small child falls over and bloodies their knee, you will often see their mother sweep them up, kiss it better and apply some magic, soothing, healing ointment. It seems doctors have those magic powers too!

According to a co-study by Oxford and Southampton Universities more than 97% of doctors have used a placebo that is say saline injections or sweet pills in order to help patients overcome their ailments. Now, whilst the British Medical Association (BMA) frowns on any form of misleading of the patient, the fact is that the placebo effect helps the patient to stimulate their own internal healing properties.

Hypnotherapist would be up front and explain to the client that the sometimes illness can become trance like, that is we are ill and we have a focused state of attention that is directed at the illness. The conscious mind is consumed with the illness, the unconscious mind believes it and the body begins to conspire to make it feel worse.

The placebo, not only breaks the negative focus, but also creates a more positive pattern that suggests to the unconscious mind that healing has now started and the body begins to believe it. The hypnotherapist would describe this as a ‘post hypnotic suggestion’ i.e. a suggestion which is working towards a positive goal on behalf of the client.

It works because of expectation; the patient/client is expecting to begin healing and the body respond in sympathy with that belief and in order to fulfil that expectation. It’s exactly the same process that will have many of us explain and exclaim, with some pride, that we wake up just in time to turn the alarm off before it rings. Our bodies expect the event and so we respond in anticipation and advance of it.  

Mum and the doctor are skilled trance breakers and inducers, who don’t really know it. A skilled hypnotherapist can help you cut through the bitterness and help you kiss it all better.

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Written by Keith Abrahams - Positive Ways

My passion is supporting people and their change. Hypnotherapy is an effective, fast and practical approach and through reading the pages on this site will enable you to understand both that and the full range of emotional and therapeutic issues that this approach to healing can resolve. It is both a modern form of effective healing and a very ancient established one at the same time. I work effec… Read more

Written by Keith Abrahams - Positive Ways

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