The subject men don’t want to talk about!

It’s a subject that is hush-hush, swept under the bedroom carpet and avoided at all costs, even though it can put a great strain on relationships. 
Although many men don’t feel comfortable talking about it, recent surveys report that half of all men in their thirties, and 42% of men in their forties have experienced problems in either getting an erection or maintaining one. 
Older men also have the same problem, with 41% of men in their fifties having difficulties in maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age and may sometimes be the result of physical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. However, a lot of erectile dysfunction symptoms can be considered psychological. Sometimes it is a mixture of both.
Some of the causes which can affect erections include:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • drinking too much
  • smoking
  • tiredness
  • obesity

Sometimes lifestyle changes, such as getting fit, falling in love, quitting smoking and cutting back on drinking can help men get responsive in the bedroom again. 
Hypnotherapy can also help with erectile dysfunction in a variety of ways. Hypnosis can increase your sex drive and get you feeling pretty good about yourself. When you think about it, the major sexual organ for both men and women is the brain, the rest is just plumbing. It makes sense, then, that by working with the subconscious mind, we can retrain our responses so that we can enjoy a fulfilling love life once more. 
How hypnotherapy can help men with erectile dysfunction

If you are a smoker, the chemicals that you inhale will be contributing to rotting the arteries to your penis. Blood flow becomes restricted and carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in your bloodstream so that the cells cannot function correctly. This is how abnormal cancer cells are formed. 
We all know that a good erection relies on blood flow! When we stop smoking we reduce the damage to our arteries and our bodies can start to repair themselves.
According to The New Scientist magazine, Vol 1845, hypnotherapy is the most effective way to stop smoking. You will be surprised how much difference this one step can make.
Anxiety and stress
When we are anxious we are in what is called “fight, flight or freeze mode”. We cannot think about anything except our immediate survival. This means that we cannot concentrate on enjoying ourselves or relaxing. What’s more, if we start to worry about our erection problems then we just add more anxiety and stress to the situation, creating a vicious circle. If we get stuck with the thought that it will happen again in the future, we are programming ourselves for future failure.   
Hypnotherapy triggers the relaxation response, which is the direct opposite of the anxiety response. When we learn to relax and calm down, letting go of the tension and the apprehension, nature naturally does what it’s meant to do.
If we are overweight, not only are we exerting greater strain on our heart muscles but we won’t have the stamina or energy to get very physical in the bedroom. We might even worry about squashing our partner beneath us during sexual activity. 
Hypnotherapy can help you to start managing your weight and get into good shape.
Sometimes it’s just about feeling more confident in the bedroom. There can be a lot of pressure to perform and a man cannot fake it – the erection is either there or it isn’t. 
Hypnotherapy can help to restore inner confidence so that you feel like a winner – in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. When you are self-confident, self-assured and feel in control then you will naturally feel more at ease during those special times.
Life can be very tough, and it can be difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance.  Young children in the house or worry can also affect our sleep patterns so that we lie awake at night but feel exhausted during the day. 
Hypnotherapy is a very good way of helping people get a good night’s sleep so that we can empty our stress buckets and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. That energised feeling can help to promote libido and get us going again.
There are other factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction.
1)   Upbringing
2)   Past sexual experiences that have been negative
3)   Feelings of shame relating to sex or our bodies
4)   Not feeling close to our partner
5)   Not finding our partner attractive
One thing to remember, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, is that you’re not alone. Although almost half the men who suffer would not even want their friends to know about the problem, it is something that shouldn’t be regarded as shameful in any way. As with any condition, it is always best to consult your doctor before seeking complementary help to rule out any physical conditions.      

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Written by Vicky Tunaley DfSFH HPD BWRT(Adv) CNHC(Reg) - Trance For A Change Hypnotherapy

Vicky is a solution-focused hypnotherapist and works with a wide variety of conditions. The solution-focused approach combines positive psychology with hypnosis to create a strong environment for change.

Vicky is also an advanced BWRT® practitioner and trained directly with Terence Watts, who developed this modern and effective therapy.… Read more

Written by Vicky Tunaley DfSFH HPD BWRT(Adv) CNHC(Reg) - Trance For A Change Hypnotherapy

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