The spider who was frightened of humans

As human beings, many of us have fears in our lives and a very common one is a fear of spiders. Not just in children but adults too. It’s not actually the spider that does us any harm it’s our perception and what we believe about the spider that causes the fear.

What if we could think differently about the spider? What if we could see it from the spider’s point of view? Below is a short article that could help you change the way you think about your fear…

Hi. My name is Kevin and I am a spider. I would like to tell you about my experience of hypnotherapy.

I used to have a terrible fear of humans. I wasn’t really sure where my fear came from but I knew my mother also had a fear of humans too. I remember on one occasion my mother came running down the stairs screaming because she had found a human behind the curtains.

My fear was so bad that it didn’t matter if it was a big human, a little human, a human with long legs or short legs, or even one of those horrible hairy humans!

What I hated most about finding a human in my house was that I always found one when I was least expecting it. One day, I was really relaxing and thought I would have a nice bath. I got to the bathroom and was just about to run the bath taps and there one was… in my bath! Yes, a human sitting there, large as life, bold as brass!

It was just looking at me, refusing to move.

Another occasion was when I opened the cupboard under the stairs and there were two of them - only small humans but just as offensive as the one in the bath.

I once came home and saw one run across the kitchen floor. Quick as anything it was! I have never seen anything run so fast in my entire life.

I used to find humans scary, unpredictable creatures that hide in the strangest of places. I even found a bunch of them outside my garden gate.

Well, enough was enough. I decided to go for hypnotherapy to help me get over my fear.

I found a really good therapist who listened to my fears. She helped me realise that humans were not the scary creatures I thought they were and that they are an important part of the world we live in. She helped me realise that humans were as afraid of me as I was of them.

We examined the different situations where I had come across humans.

We started with remembering seeing my mother frightened of the human she found behind the curtain. The therapist explained that sometimes we can become frightened of things that our parents are frightened of. And we think if they are frightened, it must be dangerous - otherwise why would they be so scared. As youngsters, we tend to take on our parents belief system.

We then looked at the situation with the human in the bath. The therapist worked with me to help me think differently about this situation. She asked me if I could think about the human differently. Maybe he was just relaxing and not staring at me at all. Maybe he hadn’t even noticed me as he relaxed there. He could even be just enjoying my best bubble bath. A compliment really, that he liked my bubble bath.

We then looked at the two cheeky humans hiding under the stairs. Perhaps they were just having a quiet game of cards or a game of chess? Well yes, I thought, they weren’t really doing any harm at all.

And the human that ran across the kitchen floor was just tidying up. Mopping the kitchen floor to please me?

And the ones outside my garden were just young humans playing happily, doing no harm at all.

After my session with the hypnotherapist I realised that humans weren’t scary at all. They were just going about their business, like the rest of us.

I’ve decided now that the next time I see one in my home, I will say hello to it, then explain that it would be better off outside in the fresh air and I will put it outside.

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Cullompton EX15 & Exeter EX1
Written by Sandra Glover, Weight-loss, Anxiety, Phobia and Panic-attack Specialist
Cullompton EX15 & Exeter EX1

Sandra is an experienced Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist with clinics in Exeter and Cullompton. She specialises in addictions, panic attacks and weight loss - including gastric band hypnotherapy - with personal weight loss of 6.5 stone herself. She is also the author of "The Relaxed Girl's Approach to Weight Loss".

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