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Have you ever wondered why people say babies are like sponges? Babies are like sponges because they absorb information at an amazing rate. There’s a very good reason for this; it’s because babies have no mental filters. Babies absorb information without any filtering at all because they simply haven’t learned how to yet. Because babies are unable to discern or to discriminate they learn very quickly.

It would be wonderful if we only ever received good information as babies. If we only ever received positive information, before we’d learned to filter it, we’d all be very effective, loving and happy people. It’s difficult to use information you don’t have. Generally, you can only use the information you’ve been given and if it was all positive, we’d all live on a very positive planet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Some of the information we receive as infants, usually with the very best of intention, is negative.

By the time we’re around seven or eight years of age we have started to filter information to a degree but it’s too late for the information we’ve already received. By this age we’ve effectively been conditioned. The information we’ve already received by this age is locked into our mind’s and is considered “normal” even if it’s abnormal. As this information is repeatedly used in our daily lives from a young age it becomes our habit of thinking. Our daily habit of thinking is our daily attitude and so this information becomes our default thinking, usually for life.

Generally we don’t alter our thinking because we’re not aware of it. Are you fully aware of everything that happened to you as a baby? Of course not! Almost all of this information is below your awareness as you’ve consciously forgotten it. This is another way of saying that this information is subconscious. It’s this subconscious information that imposes limitations on our lives. Most people are surprised by their actions and behaviour on hindsight and call this fate. It’s not fate; it’s all a conditioned response based on our prior experience because we are all conditioned.

Does this mean we are all doomed to live out our lives with all this negative conditioning? Most certainly not! We can recreate the conditions we experienced as babies and learn new, more effective information.To recreate the conditions we experienced as babies in order to facilitate rapid learning, all we need to do is bypass our mental filters and receive the positive information we desire to enhance our lives. The new information replaces the old information and as we use the new information on a daily basis it becomes habit. This process is called hypnotherapy.

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