The power of pictures

It’s often said that the power of words should never be underestimated; you only have to think of the poems of William Wordsworth, for example, to know that is true. Yet the power of pictures also plays a large and significant part in our lives. Like me, I’m sure you have also heard the phrase “every picture tells a story” many times over. So, let’s just think about the concept of pictures for a moment. In our everyday lives, we use pictures as a decision-making tool without even being aware of it or indeed of the consequences of this on our equilibrium.    

Most people are completely unaware of the important role that internal pictures play in our decision-making, and how those pictures help us to decide what to do and how to behave. For example, think about the last time you were invited you out, perhaps to a party. Within a few short seconds your imagination would have built up a series of pictures of how that party would be. If you had pictured yourself looking unattractive and feeling uncomfortable the chances are you would have declined the invitation; on the other hand, if you had pictured yourself with others looking and feeling good, laughing and having fun, the chances are you would have probably accepted the invitation and attended the party. So it goes without saying that the pictures we form in our imagination can have a significant effect on our feelings, behaviours, actions and overall well-being.  

If you are constantly imagining yourself being unable to cope in stressful situations, looking sad, lonely and unhappy, then hypnotherapy may be able to help you to quickly dissolve those feelings and replace those unwanted thoughts with more useful and appropriate ones. Hypnotherapy can help to the brain to re-direct the negative image of your internal picture to a more positive and productive picture, where you are full of confidence, happy and back in control of your life. By using the many tools and techniques that a qualified hypnotherapist can teach you, you can develop positive new responses to old stressful situations and feel back in control once more.

Try using this simple visionary technique to switch the old picture of yourself for a new positive picture. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Select a positive image of yourself happy, confident and in control.

Just think about how you would like to be, see yourself, and ultimately feel!

Now you have selected that image that picture of you happy and in control, build the picture up, make it crystal clear, notice everything about that picture, and experience that feeling of positivity with full force... you happy, as you want to be. 

2. Identify the unwanted picture you hold of yourself and look at what happens just before that powerful picture...

Ask yourself, “What happens just before this negative picture is formed or that unhappy feeling begins?” Try to focus on the picture that forms just before the unhappy feeling begins.

3. Visualize the new and happy picture of yourself sat in the bottom corner of the old picture.

Visualize your new positive picture of yourself happy and in control as a small square picture (about the size of a stamp), in the bottom corner of the unwanted picture.

4. Now swap the two pictures over.

Now make both images change over simultaneously and with increasing speed!

Have the 'negative' picture become smaller and shoot off into the distance. At the same time have the 'happy you’ picture become clearer and nearer until it becomes the only picture that you see, replacing the old negative picture completely (slowly at first then faster and faster!)  

5. Change state.

After each swap around, clear your mind, totally! Think of something else completely (change state). Visualize your favourite colour or what you will be doing later or anything that takes your attention away from what you have been doing. This technique works best if you are able to clear your mind before you repeat the process.

6. Practice makes permanent.

Repeat steps 3 to 5 up to about five times or until you have difficulty in maintaining the old unwanted picture

Good luck!

If you would like any help with this technique or further information about mindfulness, hypnotherapy or the many ways that hypnotherapy could help you with any other challenges in your life, then feel free to contact any one of the highly trained hypnotherapists listed in the Hypnotherapy Directory. 

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Written by Carol Davies (Rigler) MHS

My name is Carol Davies, I am a qualified, accredited and fully insured “Chrysalis Therapist” and member of The National Hypnotherapy Society, The National Counselling Society and The National Council for Hypnotherapy. I am a Qualified Nurse with more than 20 years acute nursing experience.  It was during my nursing career that I first became interested in how some patients, recov… Read more

Written by Carol Davies (Rigler) MHS

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