The menopause can be no fun!

Going through the menopause for some can be so dreadful and tiresome, that they sink into a deep state of depression. Indeed the very fact that your hormone levels are fluctuating and decreasing will cause your moods to swing. One minute being fine, the next minute feeling a sense of anxiety, panic, feeling unable to cope with the simplest tasks and even a surge of uncontrollable rage. It is often described as feeling like you are premenstrual except the feeling remains permanently.

One minute you're hot the next minute you're cold, one minute you're calm the next minute you're anxious it can all be very draining.

So what can you do about it?

Apart from turning to medication such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which a lot of women are not comfortable going on or staying on due to the health risks associated with it, getting therapy at this stage of your life can be really beneficial and make such a difference.

What can therapy help with when you are going through the menopause?

The common trigger for hot flashes is anxiety, in fact, this is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. By addressing the way you react to what's going on in your life it can really make a big difference. Women commonly tell me they do not have the patience or the tolerance anymore to deal with family issues, relationships, and friendships, these relationships can all suffer at this time. By talking through how you are feeling, a hypnotherapist can help you help yourself by making suggestions that will enable you to feel more stable, and calmer handling situations in your life even though the life situations you are in will remain the same, your perception of what is going on can be changed dramatically, so you simply end up thinking and feeling like a calmer version of yourself:

"When you are going through the menopause, everyday life stresses seem harder to cope with."

What's on your mind? Typical Life stresses that hypnotherapy can help with are:

  • dealing wth older teenagers
  • coping with the empty nest syndrome
  • feelings of no longer being in love with your partner
  • no longer feeling sexy
  • weight gain that is hard to shift since the menopause
  • an uncomfortable sense of growing older and ageing / losing your looks
  • a greater awareness of your own mortality
  • a cloud of depression that wasn't there before
  • anxiety over the smallest things that you used to be able to cope with easily now seem a big deal
  • memory loss

Physical symptoms that hypnotherapy can help with:

  • hot flushes day and or night
  • vaginal dryness and low libido
  • a feeling of overall tiredness, fatigue, and apathy
  • Common aches and pains that are actually induced by stress and emotions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

All of these can get worse during the menopause but by calming your mind, you can also calm your physical symptoms.

If you are struggling and feel you could benefit from professional support, contact a hypnotherapist now and find out how to get through this stage of your life safely and effectively.

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Written by Louise Levy Senior Hypnotherapist Master Prac of NLP GHR Clinical Supervisor

Louise Levy is a senior(Acc) clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behavioural hypno-psychotherapist who uses an integrative approach with her patients to bring about change.

Louise treats adults, adolescents and children age 6+. offering one to one consultations face to face and via SKYPE. Find out how Louise can help you at… Read more

Written by Louise Levy Senior Hypnotherapist Master Prac of NLP GHR Clinical Supervisor

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