The importance of confidence

Confidence and self-esteem have been the main focus of my practice for a while. Some might think that confidence mainly means being good at public speaking or social interactions, but that is only a tip of the iceberg. I have clients who come to me because they do not feel comfortable with their appearances, they are not happy with who they are physically. Others have difficulties in believing in their abilities or have been stuck for years in the job they hate just because they can’t find the courage to make the next step. The importance of confidence is virtually in every aspect of our lives. 

During my practice I found out some very important facts while dealing with clients with varieties of issues. High self-esteem is the key to treatment of most of conditions. If you are trying to stop smoking, the knowledge that you can do it makes a lot of difference. When being on diet, the awareness that you are strong enough and will not eat that chocolate has a great importance. Because when we are questioning ourselves, we also question our actions, abilities and capabilities. Therefore, it is important for me as a therapist to see the ‘I can do it’ belief and if it is not there, to help my clients find it. 

Sometimes, behaviour and thinking patterns that have negative impacts on our lives are by-products of something different than we think. In some occasions it does not matter and we can successfully change without getting to the core of an issue, but sometimes it just needs to be done. I saw people who made smoking their habit for years because initially they wanted to belong to the ‘cool kids’ group. Others battle eating problems because they don’t feel loved. Even some develop strange phobias because of family issues going back to their childhood. I believe many come to treat symptoms and do not understand the catalyst of the problem. In many cases, such catalyst is low self-esteem at some point of their lives. 

Self-esteem gives us willpower to keep going when times get tough. It makes us socially successful, helps us achieve career we dream about. There are far too many people who refuse promotion just because they do not believe they are good enough or because they would have to lead and do presentation. Also, there are far too many people who believe that they are not good at something when it is rather fear of failure and judgment that holds them back, not their ability. 

For confidence issues of any kind, I found out that combination of hypnotherapy and coaching works the best. Self-esteem issues are part of identity of a person and sometimes are deeply rooted so they are not as easily changeable as for example some forms of phobias, but sometimes the change is much quicker than the client initially thinks. It’s all about taking actions. As long as we keep on moving forward, the change comes. 

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