The importance of being you

People turn to a professional hypnotherapist with all sorts of different issues. The issue that someone turns up with is often a symptom of something else and that something else is quite often a limiting belief of… I am not good enough, I am not worthy.

This isn’t always in a person’s consciousness, it’s often rooted deeply in the unconscious mind and it is the unconscious mind that drives our habits and behaviours including the habits which we might want to consciously change.

Acceptability… what is it… what does it mean?

I think it’s safe to say in a generalised way, human beings want to be accepted, liked and approved of in some way, however, maybe this gets twisted over time!

When are you truly and totally 100% yourself with another? Without feeling or being self-conscious in some way or careful of what you say, or comfortable in how you look and sound?

Do you hide behind a barrier or wall of some kind or wear some type of “mask” for want of a better word?

Do you feel at complete ease being fully honest about yourself, your desires and the parts of you that you would like to improve on?

Such dishonesty to one’s self and to others, such fear of “being seen" is so totally exhausting, isn’t it? Certainly not relaxing surely?

This can lead to all sorts of problems, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, depression, unwanted habits like drinking too much or taking drugs, nailbiting, overeating, eating disorders the list is endless!

So why are we hiding ourselves… our true self?

Well, there can be many, many reasons , including what we are told and taught as children by our teachers and our parents and peers, what is socially acceptable, by that I mean societal pressure, the expectations of societal pressure, what we should be, how we should be and feel, what we should look like and so on. We end up trying to be everything we are possibly not and certainly we don’t “show up” as our true self, in case we get it wrong, don’t fit and are judged!

Maybe the first step to change and healing is to understand this and then to consciously notice if you do it. If you show up as something other than you… the real you!

It simply is not acceptable to be unacceptable to yourself, is it?

To hide, to cover up, to push down, to deny your existence. That brings such dis–ease!

Of course, for some they don’t know how to begin with this journey and because these habits and behaviours are run unconsciously people may need a helping hand to get themselves free of the dis-ease within.

Hypnotherapy can really help you to get your freedom back, allowing you to have a healthier happier future, feeling and being your true self!

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Dorchester DT2 & Bournemouth BH4
Written by Dominique Shipstone, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapy CMH CHyp MPNLP
Dorchester DT2 & Bournemouth BH4

Dominique Shipstone, professionally certified master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, NLP coach and practitioner of Time Line Therapy™

Dominique at TMC hypnotherapy specialises in treating depression, anxiety and trauma amongst other conditions. She has helped hundreds of clients to make positive long-lasting change in their lives.

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