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There has been much controversy over the years as to the true nature of hypnosis and the misconceptions surrounding what it is, or what it does for that matter. Gradually, these misconceptions are slowly but surely being corrected and now hypnosis is seen as an effective, genuine tool which is often combined with other evidence-based techniques. The outcome results which hypnotherapy alone has produced is extraordinary. While we cannot explain hypnosis, we can certainly describe it and by doing so, it increases our understanding on what is going on during the process.

Someone who has seen a hypnotherapist will say that after the session they felt very relaxed, physically. Indeed it is true, but there is more to hypnosis than pure relaxation when used proficiently. Hypnosis is also characterised by mental relaxation, increased awareness and selective thinking. It a natural state of mind, thus, hypnosis is a natural process which can facilitate the workings of human body to help improve your well-being. An individual who says, “I feel great from within” feels as one and in harmony with themselves and can appreciate how the mind can affect their body and the way they feel. This is an awareness which is unique to hypnosis so the client can really feel a wonderful change taking place, whether it be for substituting smoking for a healthier habit or understanding the reasons for feeling anxious, stressed and so on.

Another area which hypnosis can really demonstrate its true value for improving one’s well-being, is by accelerating the process of healing. Physical chronic pain, as well internal, are not adverse to hypnotherapy. It is important for the hypnotherapist to establish other forms of treatment the client has received to help with the pain and if they are on any type of medication. It is integral that the client keeps using the medication that they are prescribed while engaging with other forms of non-pharmaceutical treatments to improve the effectiveness and ultimately, their well-being. Pain, to put it simply, is a sensation that tells us something isn’t quite right. It is focused attention to wherever the pain is perceived, in or out of the body. The awareness of the pain is sometimes hard to shake because it can be seen as a state of mind.

More to the point, pain and our own natural healing forces within are often perceived to be outside of our control, or at least we assume they are. The power of the mind is something which we all possess and our brains knows exactly how to restore and rejuvenate us to help us survive. Hypnotherapy can help direct your attention to wherever the healing forces need to be. The hypnotherapist is simply the conduit to assist the client.

The therapist, when the client demonstrates a sufficient level of hypnosis, may have the client examine the area of the body where they perceive the pain to be, suggesting “go inside and describe what you can see” the client may report “it looks inflamed” etc. The essential ingredient then, is increasing one’s awareness and attaining selective thinking. More often than not, we take our own healing abilities for granted, and hypnosis is a state of mind that helps us get in touch with ourselves to facilitate the process of healing, helping to alleviate pain and all other forms of complaints the client may be suffering from.

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