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The chair in my therapy room is a very comfortable armchair - everyone comments on how comfy it is, there is also a footrest for those that want to use it.

The chair started out in a factory and then went on to a sales floor, I chose it because it was so comfortable and prior to the purchase I had done a lot of research - in other words, sat in a lot of chairs before I settled on this one.

It had to be just right for my clients as they need to not only feel comfortable but also relaxed. Not just with the chair but also with me. Because like the chair I need to be the right fit for my clients. They need to be able to tell me anything whilst they sit in the chair and they always do.

When I first meet or chat with clients on the phone I explain that whatever they tell me stays in the room, I don’t even acknowledge clients if I see them out and about. They have to approach me first as I don’t know who, if indeed anyone, they have told about seeing me. Their privacy is always of paramount importance to me.

The chair and I work to build a rapport with our clients, it is essential that we all feel comfortable and can work well together in a non-judgemental environment. Because as I tell my clients I have no agenda with regard to what they discuss with me other than to help them achieve the outcome they desire in their life.

People come for all sorts of reasons, to stop smoking, to break unhealthy habits, depression, anxiety, grief, career changes, life changes, redundancy, and retirement.  They come from all walks of life as well, because the chair, like myself, is an equal opportunity therapist!

The chair and I really enjoy our work, listening to people, preparing downloads for them to listen to between sessions, helping them to realise that they aren’t that strange or weird, just human.

The chair and I teach them tools that they can use for the rest of their lives to help support themselves in their future. Plus there is nothing the chair and I like more than when a client decides they have learnt all they need for now and move their lives forward.

So if you want to come and see me and of course the chair just call or email me, because it is good to remember that nothing has to be the way it has always been.

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