The art of procrastination

Do you find yourself drifting off into extremely important but non-essential activities each time you are faced with something you really don’t want to do?

Are you the sort of person who, faced with filling in a tax return/sorting finances/booking a trip to the dentist, realises that your life as you know it will end if you do not immediately colour code your entire sock collection and/or re-arrange your nail polish before you tackle anything else?

It’s not as if you are unaware of the importance of the essential task -  it’s just that you seem to be led astray.

Think of it being like one of those tangled string or maze puzzles in the old fashioned comics: there is a beginning and you know that you need to get to the other end to complete, but it’s all too easy to end up back at the start or down a dead end.

So, you set off with the best of intentions and some time later (possibly a long time later), you realise that you still haven’t done what you had to do and now there isn’t time to do it so it’s not worth starting so you might as well leave it until tomorrow.

Here’s where hypnotherapy may help: you can take back control and develop a clear focus in everything you do. In much the same way that an athlete is taught to visualise achieving success by scoring a goal or crossing the line ahead of the pack, you can be taught ways of being focused and working effectively. The therapist may concentrate on enhancing the feeling of success on completing a difficult task or teach specific ways of organising information for easier retrieval.

Most hypnotherapists will cover some form of relaxation technique or self-hypnosis as a core part of the work they do with all clients and this can be applied to any situation with a little practice.

Use word of mouth recommendations or search the internet for contact details of nearby therapists (Skype is an option too) then make contact. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your therapist so take time to ask questions before committing to a course of therapy.

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All therapists are verified professionals