The anxiety trigger

Anxiety is something that has an impact upon all of us, either our own or other people's - yes other people's. Can anyone relate to the partner struggling to make a deadline at work and taking it out on a loved one through petty arguments or a withdrawal of their affection? That's anxiety.

The children struggling with exams that start to display negative and disruptive behaviour? That's anxiety.

The boss at work getting a ticking off from their boss and passing it down the chain as a direct result, and for no worthy reason? Yes, that too is anxiety. 

Unfortunately you're not responsible for helping other people during their moments of anxiousness unless they want to be helped, however you can overcome yours, and this is where a clinical hypnotherapist is invaluable. We are all susceptible to anxiety, after all we are only human and more often than not we are aware of what triggers the stirring of emotion, the feeling of breathlessness, the cold sweat, feelings of anger or helplessness or just a feeling of disbelief. These are just a few of the sensations that many feel, however they are no means limited. It can be different for everyone, there is no right or wrong here. 

A clinical hypnotherapist can help you to understand why these triggers cause you to feel the emotions you feel and behave the way you do. Once you understand why, you can learn how to deal with them. In fact, understanding is part of the therapeutic process, unless using a process called brain working recursive therapy (BWRT). This process can rapidly change life long limiting beliefs and behaviours in several sessions, often in just one.

A clinical hypnotherapist can teach you many relaxation techniques that are easy to learn and long lasting in there effect. However many clients are not aware of the triggers that cause their particular anxiety. Well again this is where a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist excels, because they are the only ones who can work at the subconscious level where these triggers will be lurking. A therapist will help you to relax and focus so they can help you identify, disarm and live a normal happy life away from the triggers of anxiety.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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