Tackling Verrucas and Warts!

Verrucas and warts as you may well know are caused by a virus, a strain of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are many different strains of the virus and therefore many different kinds of warts.

This virus has been around for a long, long time and as those of you with verrucas and warts in the family will know there are endless old wives tales about how you may have been infected and how you should get rid of them. And yes, the virus is highly contagious.

Prevention is always the best form of treatment and I advise good care and hygiene in public places such as swimming baths and safe sexual health practices. You will also know that there are a great many treatments for them: over the counter ointments, medication from your GP, freezing techniques (cryotherapy) and even duct tape is cited on NHS Choices (it is thought to starve the wart or verruca). The problem is that all these approaches attack the symptom and not the cause. What you see on your skin is evidence of the virus in your system. 

Your verrucas and warts are a symptom that your body is under stress and is not keeping the HPV at bay. Once you have the HPV you sadly have it for good, however it can be kept in check and will retire to a part of the central nervous system but warts and verrucas are stubborn things and require a strong immune system to send them away. 

My approach is to help clients to ramp up their immune system, deal with their thoughts about the warts and verrucas, as well as to tackle the stress in their life.

A client of mine wrote the following:

I turned to hypnotherapy to cure my verrucas which had been embedded all over the soles of my feet, (as well as having warts on my hands) for several years. I had tried all kinds of treatment, and it was in fact my GP who suggested that hypnotherapy could work for verrucas. They are clearly stubborn things to remove! I was aware that there was more to the situation than a purely physical thing which needed shifting, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to try hypnotherapy.

I did feel more resilient and stronger after the sessions, and found them beneficial for my state in general, as this has been quite a turbulent time for me. Nevertheless, there was no movement in my verrucas for a long time. However, after about three months, they started to decrease in size and gradually to disappear. It was a very gradual process, and now, almost nine months on, they have almost entirely gone! This may sound like a long time, but they were initially horrendous, and a chiropodist had taken one look and said it could take 10 years to get rid of them, and that they may never go!

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