Supporting men's sexual performance and ED with hypnotherapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) poses a significant challenge to a man's emotional and psychological well-being, deeply impacting his self-image and sense of masculinity. The complex interplay between sexual performance and mental health underscores the need for effective treatments that address both physical and psychological factors. How can hypnotherapy help?


Overcoming non-medical erectile dysfunction (ED) and supporting sexual performance with solution-focused hypnotherapy: A guide for men

Initial steps: Consulting your GP

The journey to overcoming ED begins with a crucial step: consulting a general practitioner (GP). This will identify any physical health issues that might be contributing to ED, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, Peyronie's disease, or adverse effects from medication.

It's essential to approach this discussion openly, as ED is a common issue that GPs are equipped to address. Addressing these underlying health issues is fundamental to improving sexual performance and overall health.

The role of stress in erectile dysfunction

Beyond physical causes, psychological and lifestyle factors play a significant role in erectile dysfunction, where solution-focused hypnotherapy has proven to be particularly beneficial.

Stress, a major contributor to erectile dysfunction, leads to the release of cortisol, known as the body's natural counter to sexual arousal. This stress response, deeply rooted in our evolutionary past, was crucial for survival, making sexual activity less of a priority during times of danger or scarcity. In modern times, however, continuous stress from various sources can overwhelm what is often referred to as the "stress bucket." Once this metaphorical bucket overflows, it can manifest in various symptoms, including erectile dysfunction.

The cycle of anxiety that can follow an initial episode of erectile dysfunction - fear of recurrence and the stress this fear generates - can further inhibit sexual performance.

The science behind the therapy: left prefrontal cortex vs. amygdala

This is where understanding the role of the left prefrontal cortex versus the amygdala and the primitive brain becomes crucial. The amygdala, part of our primitive brain, triggers immediate, often negative emotional responses to stress, whereas the left prefrontal cortex is responsible for rational thought and decision-making.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy works to reduce the influence of the primitive brain, which tends to focus on negative outcomes, and instead, engages the left prefrontal cortex.

This therapeutic approach aims to diminish the negative, fear-driven reactions that can exacerbate erectile dysfunction, encouraging a logical and positive outlook towards sexual health and overall well-being.

Hypnotherapy techniques for improving sexual performance

Hypnotherapy employs various techniques to improve sexual performance and manage erectile dysfunction. Techniques such as guided visualisation and positive suggestion help clients relax and focus on positive outcomes. By envisioning successful sexual encounters and reinforcing confidence, hypnotherapy can reframe the mind's approach to sexual performance. This shift from anxiety and fear to confidence and positivity is crucial in breaking the cycle of erectile dysfunction.

The preference for a male hypnotherapist

For some men, the preference for a male hypnotherapist or therapist can enhance the therapeutic experience, providing a sense of ease and relatability when discussing sensitive issues like erectile dysfunction and sexual performance. A male hypnotherapist may offer a perspective that some men find more comfortable or familiar, potentially due to shared gender-related experiences or societal expectations.

This comfort can be crucial in creating an open and trusting therapeutic relationship, where clients feel more inclined to express their concerns and work towards overcoming erectile dysfunction and improving sexual performance.

Long-term benefits of hypnotherapy

Solution-focused hypnotherapy empowers men to envision a positive future, free from the stress and anxiety that contribute to ED. It focuses on emptying the "stress bucket," facilitating a shift from the fear-driven responses of the primitive brain to the reasoned, optimistic perspectives supported by the prefrontal cortex. This not only addresses erectile dysfunction but also promotes a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, paving the way for improved sexual performance and overall well-being.

In addition to immediate improvements in sexual performance, hypnotherapy offers long-term benefits by fostering better stress management and emotional resilience. Clients learn coping strategies that can be applied to various aspects of life, reducing overall anxiety and enhancing their quality of life.

As men gain control over their stress responses and build a positive outlook, they often find that their sexual performance improves, leading to greater satisfaction and confidence in their intimate relationships.


Erectile dysfunction is a multifaceted issue that requires a comprehensive approach to treatment. By addressing both the physical and psychological components of ED, solution-focused hypnotherapy offers a promising path to recovery. Through techniques that reduce stress and enhance positive thinking, men can overcome the challenges of erectile dysfunction and achieve better sexual performance.

Consulting with a GP to rule out underlying health issues and working with a skilled hypnotherapist can pave the way for improved sexual health and overall well-being. This holistic approach not only helps in managing erectile dysfunction and sexual performance but also promotes a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Ready to take the first step?

Take the first step towards overcoming erectile dysfunction and improving your sexual performance by booking a 'Free' initial consultation/discovery session. This can be booked directly from my website, which you can find by visiting my profile. 

Whether you prefer a face-to-face session in Oxfordshire or an online meeting, this is your opportunity to address the underlying emotional triggers and reprogram subconscious responses.

Don't let ED control your life any longer. Empower yourself with the tools and techniques provided by Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life. Contact me today to start your journey towards better sexual health and well-being.

*Solution-focused hypnotherapy can be used as a complementary approach, but it should not replace medical treatments and seeking medical advice.

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Written by Andrew Selway-Woolley, BSc (Hons), HPD, NCH, AfSFH, CNHC - Bicester Hypnotherapist
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Andy Selway-Woolley is an Oxfordshire based (& online), Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

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