Striving for that perfect fit!

We all want things to slot into our lives seamlessly, we put enormous pressure on ourselves to perform, work, education, lifestyle, family, friendships and financial commitments often become more and more of a juggling act, with feelings of despair when they don’t go to plan, and when we just can’t keep up with it all, we punish ourselves.

This complex life balance management, whilst striving for perfection can become all-encompassing. We often feel that we’re just not good enough. Yet life is ever changing, with many variables.

We often feel a failure, but to FAIL is merely a ‘First Attempt In Learning’.

We are often ready to punish ourselves for each fail, often leading to poor sleep quality and a lack of concentration. This often develops a cycle of poor nutrition, inadequate hydration, and feelings of low self-worth, which left untreated can spiral into depression, which can stop our energy, often leading us to become more sedentary. Left untreated this can impede our physical well-being, bringing on physical changes in the body leading to long term debilitating conditions that are detrimental to our health and well-being.

And all because we chased success without accepting that we must learn how to embrace each fail. When seeking to find resolve and find life balance, analogy can be effective and is often utilised to great effect on sports psychology.

Let’s go clothes shopping, and try on a few outfits, if something doesn’t fit, do you fail?

Maybe a garment isn’t very well made, the seam tears as you try it on, do you accept that the fault lies with you, or do you carefully place it at the back of the rail?

Life is merely a sequence of trying things on to find the perfect fit. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not a failure, but it is a FAIL, it just means we need search to find a better fit.

You won’t know if it’s for you, until you try it on, so with all things in life, keep striving, the perfect fit is whatever feels comfortable that day, that moment, and if it feels good right now that’s success and if it doesn’t feel right then the success is knowing you can find something else that feels and fits better.  

To shine we need to accept failure is okay and embrace each fail because the more we embrace each fail, the easier it will be to find the perfect fit of success!

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