Stressful Times

Stress throughout the year and during the holiday season

Stress can hit anyone at any time, but certain times of the year are more stressful than others. The Christmas holiday season is sold to us at every turn as a time to be merry, happy, and a time to celebrate, but it’s a time which can also be extremely stressful, and lots of people find they feel anxious about the whole holiday experience.

Those with social anxieties may notice their symptoms worsen just at the thought of more social engagement invites than normal.

So how can we learn to adapt to the pressures brought about by the expectations put upon us at Christmas and the holiday season, as well as other periods throughout the year?

One of the ways is to plan and put in place a structure to manage your time, ensuring you have plenty of time to relax and wind down between events. Walking is a great way to wind down, and just ten minutes extra a day can lighten the stress load and make us feel more chilled.

Don’t be afraid to turn down an invitation; if it’s something you don’t fancy doing then don’t do it! If Christmas isn’t your thing, then tell those close to you, like your family and friends, and explain that you’re just not into it, but you’re happy to partake in certain aspects. At work, if you don’t want to wear that dreaded Christmas jumper, then don’t.

We put a lot of stress upon ourselves by agreeing to do things we don’t want to do and then walk around looking miserable. Find the aspects of Christmas and the holiday season that you do enjoy, focus on those, and spend it with people that you want to be around.

If you don’t have anyone around at Christmas or other times that cause you to stress, then perhaps volunteer at a place that helps others and it’ll help you too. There’s so much pressure during the holiday seasons to be perfect when, for a lot of people, it’s a very difficult time of the year.

To ease stress, start shopping and planning earlier in the year; perhaps buying gifts each month rather than face the hoards of shoppers the week before Christmas.

If you’re responsible for organising everything during the December holiday period and you’re stressing out about it, then do it your way, allowing yourself time to prepare and plan. Choose to go shopping at less busy periods of the day or even at night. You can also delegate and ask others to help you so that you’re not doing everything yourself.

Christmas is the most stressful time of the year for many, and the only way to alleviate that stress is to find time to relax, something that can also be done at other times throughout the year.

Hypnosis can help with that, and a few moments each day to let yourself become deeply relaxed will do wonders. Find a well qualified, experienced therapist in your area and explain how you’re feeling; they will be able to tailor a course of treatment that is right for you.

Remember - stress can only be relieved by relaxation, and you deserve to enjoy the holiday season without stress and anxiety. Just do what makes you feel happy and comfortable, and don’t feel pressurised into doing things you’re not comfortable with.

Above all, have a happy life without limits!

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