Stress and Anxiety and Worry at Work and at Home

We live in anxious times. Anxiety stress and worry are together one of the biggest hidden killers. Cancer, smoking, obesity and the following strokes and heart attacks are the biggest killers and are the most obvious. The hidden reason for much of these aforementioned, however, is often stress worry and anxiety. People smoke or overeat because of stress anxiety or worry.

Business is piling more and more work on fewer and fewer people in the work place and this is quite honestly very dangerous. I know too many people who have had new companies take over the business and then fire some people and split their old jobs between people already overstretched. I have advised companies that this is a false economy - many of their staff will end up on tranquillizers or may get very ill. In many cases they won't address the underlying issues so may find that they are on medication most of the time. Worse many will self medicate with illegal drugs or too much alcohol - none of this is ideal. Short of quitting the job it is best to consider getting help with a Hypnotherapist. One in five now suffer from stress at work and some are suing their employers. How much better to get a strategy for stress in place?

You can learn how to handle stress anxiety and worry and prioritising with Hypnotherapy - instantly floating stress away and teaching the subconscious mind to be calm and shrink it down.

"The more you try to do the less you do well" Bette Midler

Try this: Close your eyes. Start to breathe deeply all the way down to your belly. Visualise the colour of calm (whatever that is to you - I suggest the colour of sunny white gold) and then imagine breathing that down to your belly and letting it radiate the colour of calm throughout you body - wherever healing or relief is required. Continue to do this until you feel calm and relaxed.

Then imagine on the out breath sending all the stress anxiety and worry away and letting it form into a red ball of stress. Imagine a lever marked 10 - 1. Turn it to nine and see the ball lose colour and shrink then down to eight etc until the ball is colourless and disappears.

People need to learn how to be 100% more effective at work by prioritising the day - you would be surprised how many people are rubbish at this - they try to do many things and end up doing lots badly whereas they need to learn to be calm and work through the tasks in order of importance and become much more efficient - they also learn how to say that a thing will be done but not necessarily NOW because they have a load of other stuff which also needs to be done.

So everyone can handle stress better - so many reveal to me that they are bad at prioritising - a lot of stress can be avoided by dealing with the three most important tasks FIRST then move on.

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All therapists are verified professionals