Stop smoking for good

As a smoker, you may feel conflicted about stopping. You may feel confused. In this state, it is likely that you will continue to smoke. We don't want that. Smoking is a simple issue, if you don’t smoke, you should not start; if you do smoke, you should stop. But stopping may feel daunting. So, let's keep this simple...

Examine your life, as honestly as possible. Ask yourself, is smoking a positive in my life, or is it a negative? Weigh up all the pros and cons of your smoking habit. If on balance, smoking turns out to be a negative facet of your life, you may want to stop as soon as possible.

Quit smoking for good

At this point, ask yourself the question, do I really want to stop smoking for good? Be as realistic as you can possibly be when answering. We all have wants that we know we are unlikely ever to meet. I want to be able to speak fluent Spanish, for example. I have had this want for many years but have never signed up for classes. I have come to accept that, although I want to speak fluent Spanish, I do not want to go to the trouble of learning to speak the language.

Is your desire to stop smoking like my desire to learn Spanish? Or are you prepared to put in the hard work needed to break the addiction and end the smoking habit? Do you want to stop smoking, as the Spanish would say, mañana? Or do you actually want to stop smoking for good?

Well, we have reached this point together. You know that you really do want to stop smoking for good. You have the will. Perhaps you need a little help with the way. Right now is a good time to find the right hypnotherapist for you. You will know the right hypnotherapist when you meet him or her, trust your instincts on this.

7 reasons why you should use hypnotherapy to stop smoking

1. Stopping smoking can feel like a lonely chore.
A hypnotherapist can support you on your journey, with expertise, advice and encouragement. You are not alone in this.

2. Stopping smoking can feel stressful in the short term.
Successful hypnotherapy is in itself enjoyable. Your feelings of stress will be eased. Mind and body will relax.

3. You may feel sadness or anger when stopping smoking.
Through hypnotherapy, you will learn that smoking suppresses negative emotions. Their return will be strictly short-term. Experiencing emotions more fully, even negative emotions will leave you feeling happier, more alive, in the longer term.

4. Even though you are ready to stop right now, a small part of you will want to go on pursuing the smoking habit.
Hypnotherapy can address this part of you with respect and honesty. Before long, this part will not want to smoke either. You will begin to feel whole.

5. You think that you will gain weight when stopping smoking.
Hypnotherapy will affirm the truth that any weight gain will be temporary. In the longer term, it's likely that you will lose weight, once your digestion, capacity to exercise and general health improves. You cannot be a healthy smoker.

6. You fear the loss of cigarettes.
Hypnotherapy will remind you that you are not losing anything, except habit and addiction. You will understand that you have gained, not lost.

7. You are doing brilliantly but you still crave a cigarette occasionally. Hypnotherapy will confirm that the craving will be short term and fleeting. Stay strong and it will pass. Then allow yourself to feel proud. You are doing brilliantly.

Some smokers are able to stop for good. Just like that, without assistance. However, if (like me) you find stopping smoking simple but very difficult, hypnotherapy is there to help you. 'New Scientist' issue 1845 reports: Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.

The right hypnotherapist will help you through the doubt and fear; help you through the stress and the cravings; help you to understand that once you have stopped, you can and should feel really proud of yourself. Because stopping smoking for good is a wholly positive, life-changing experience.

When you have stopped, you will discover this for yourself.

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Manchester, Greater Manchester, M21
Written by Tom Bailey, (MA; BA (hons); Dip CP; Dip Hyp CS)
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M21

Tom is a hypnotherapist, with a practice in Chorlton, Manchester. Helping people to stop smoking is a passion. In 2015, he hosted a free "Stop smoking for good" group hypnotherapy session. In 2018, he appeared on "Radio City Talk" to promote "Stoptober".

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