Stealing your goals by stealth

Today my thoughts were led to this word stealth inside my head. As I drove to the park to walk with the dogs I was tempted to go to the shop and buy both gin and chocolate! Oh and by the way, these would have been consumed in secret because that was what my mind was telling me I could do. Does this sound familiar if you have ever been a binge eater, emotional eater, drinking more than you know is good for you, an ex smoker who is tempted to have just one? If today you are in the process of trying to be in control of what you eat in order to achieve a healthy and desired body that you wanted, or perhaps you are attempting to moderate your alcohol consumption - what is it that supports you?

It is so easy to be sabotaged in our own minds by stealth.

Our minds rarely suggest to us to go out and do something potentially negative to ourselves that is big, it is usually all the small steps that gradually lead to the tipping point, the point of 'I am weak, stupid, useless and I always fail' or 'I may as well just enjoy myself'. If any of this sounds familiar to you then think on this...

If your mind is susceptible to suggestions of sabotaging your hopes, dreams, goals, the life you are living or want to live, then your mind can also be susceptible to suggestions that are positive.

Hypnosis tailored just for you can support your own inner-knowledge and wisdom and strengthen you to achieve and maintain what you want.

Stealth - Dictionary definition:
Stealth and steal come from the same root word and used to mean the same thing. Stealth is still a certainly a quality useful in stealing, but the meaning has branched out. It can also be something quietly done in secret. 

Stealth - definition of stealth by The Free Dictionary:
1. The act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way. 2. The quality or characteristic of being furtive or covert.

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