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At the time of writing, it is coming up to the half way point of the 2015/2016 Premier League season. Chelsea FC may be the current champions but this seasons results have not gone their way, so far. Currently they’re near bottom of the table. They haven’t become unskilled footballers over the closed season, so why the down turn in performance? Only Chelsea FC insiders are in a place to say but the longer the bad results go on, the more likely they are to continue. This is due to the self-fulfilling prophecy where the sportsman thinks, “I’ve been playing badly, nothing has changed so I’ll continue to play badly” and so does play badly. A bad start to the season could lead to a disastrous season. No doubt though that the Chelsea FC team being top sportsmen working with top coaches will turn this around and save their season, but what about the amateur?

If you participate in a sport then you’ll no doubt wish to perform to your full potential. For team sport players, a post-game pat on the back and “well done” from a team mate can be encouraging, but the individual sportsman doesn’t have such encouragement. The tennis player or the golfer say, may know they can hit the perfect shot but don’t do it every time. The golfer may even have a hole that they always seem to play to perfection and another that they always play badly. There may be venues the sportsman feels is lucky as they always perform well there and venues where the opposite is true. Runners and cyclists may have periods when their concentration wains and they slow down. Training may become a chore and motivation lacks to get out there in the winter cold and rain. There are so many things that affect performance in so many sports, it is impossible to list them all and yet help can be found for most of them in the same place.

While hypnotherapy can’t give you talent you don’t already possess, a good hypnotherapist will help you discover why that venue is “unlucky”, why playing of that tee always goes astray. Even why using that particular club will result in you slicing the ball nine times out of ten, even though that one time shows you can use it and hit the ball perfectly. Then once you know why you’re not performing at your best, you can work with the hypnotherapist to tackle those issues and improve your game. Hypnotherapy can help to increase your motivation to train and reach your full potential.

So whether you want to motivate yourself to train more often and harder, or rid yourself of the bad habits that adversely affect your performance. Whether you want to win a local tournament or go further, or just beat your regular playing partner, hypnotherapy could provide the answer you seek.

It is thought that the better at your sport you get, the more you will enjoy it and the more you enjoy it, the better you get. That too is a self-fulfilling prophecy and let’s be honest, winning feels good. So what’s stopping you?

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Written by Michael Geerthsen Dip Hyp & CS, MHS

I run a small friendly hypnotherapy practice (Hypnotic Resolutions LTD) in Wallingford Oxfordshire. Proficient in using hypnosis and EMDR to help ordinary people overcome ordinary problems you can be sure of a fully confidential service.… Read more

Written by Michael Geerthsen Dip Hyp & CS, MHS

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