Spiritual growth through hypnotherapy

There are countless lines of copy that have been written describing spiritual growth and development though not many link them with hypnotherapy. Much of it may sound other worldly and removed from the nuts and bolts of real life. However, now is the time to realise that your spiritual growth is the cornerstone of your future, creating your own sense of comfort and peace within first. Spiritual awakening creates truly balanced and happy people with a self reliance and maturity so needed in today's world. So read on to see how hypnotherapy for your spiritual evolution actually works. 

Who is responsible for your happiness? Our current state of societal hypnosis

When we place the responsibility for our happiness in the hands of others, say, a husband, a wife, a child, work colleagues, friends, extended family, doctors, corporations, God, etc. one thing is for sure: you are not in charge of your life. You are like an empty soul that has nothing of itself to share and so is happiest being filled by the presence and ideas of others.

The first steps towards growth

Working with psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, the first step is to be able to take an inventory of what is driving your life at an unconscious level. After all, if you were conscious, you would be able to change it yourself. It is then, equipped with profound self knowledge, that you start to approach life differently, challenging old beliefs that you thought were true and letting go of fear. 

Many clients have come through over the years telling me, after a separation or breakdown of a relationship, that they don't really know themselves. When I hear those words, I know there is a tremendous opportunity for growth ahead of them. This is not the time to roll over and play victim. This is the time to really challenge yourself. Roll up your sleeves. Go out and discover what kind of impact you can have on the world. This is spiritual growth in action.  

Did you know you are already hypnotised?

We have been hypnotised by popular culture and seduced into a deep sleep. We think everyone or everything else will look after us. The doctors, the hospitals, the corporations that supply us with fuel, food and drugs, the governments, our parents.... the list is endless. However, the cruel reality is that this is a false sense of security. While you rely on all those external forces to insulate you from living, you are like a seed that hasn't yet realised its own potential to blossom. 

"For a seed to achieve its greatest expression it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out, and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth, it would look like complete destruction." Cynthia Occelli.

How does hypnotherapy help then?

Hypnotherapy is not passive. Hypnotherapists are not magicians. They do not have all your answers. Hypnotherapy is not something that is 'done' to you. It is something that you need to engage in and run with and take outside and work on in between sessions. The hour or two a week that you spend in a therapy session is merely fuel for you to metabolise and use for your growth. You may 'come completely undone' in the process. However, to a good therapist who understands the process of growth, you will most certainly evolve into a more beautiful, relaxed and open version of yourself.

The opportunity for growth comes from great challenges and tragedy. Traversing these paths of initiation successfully, brings wisdom, strength and happiness. Hypnotherapy gives you insight into yourself, encourages you to rise like the phoenix from the ashes and can help you create the life you really want. But it isn't magic. It requires you to be earnestly seeking your deepest answers so that you can break through the hypnotic spell that has held you prisoner. 

Isn't it a bit "far out" for your average fear or phobia?

Spiritual growth through hypnotherapy can start anywhere. It can start with any one of your fears, worries or challenges, but if you open your mind and allow the lesson to be learned, it can also provide you with an opportunity for growth you hadn't reckoned with. You can then become the master of your mind instead of letting your mind master you. 

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Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16
Written by Jenny Lynn
Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16

Jenny is a Transpersonal Therapist, Trainer, Author, Supervisor and Mentor embracing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and wellbeing. She works with individuals helping them grow and embody the changes that will put them in charge of their lives. You can benefit too.

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