Sleep - meditate yourself into a deep, refreshing sleep

As you get into bed, imagine just centring yourself and gently drifting into a deep, refreshing sleep.

You can meditate as you lie in bed, letting yourself just drift in and out of wakefulness.

Don’t worry about exactly when you drop off to sleep as meditation gives your body and mind high-quality rest. 

Ensure that the meditation you are using is a calming, restful one that will help you drift off, rather than an energizing, morning-time meditation.

Try this:

  • With your eyes wide open stare hard at a point at an angle of about 45 deg.
  • Hold it to the count of 10.
  • Now relax your gaze, breathe out, notice how every part of your body relaxes almost at the same time.
  • And now, just smile.
  • As you do that, notice how much wide your field of vision becomes.  
  • Use your peripheral vision to calm your mind, switch off and relax.
  • Just hang out there – with your eyes open or closed.
  • Every now and then say to yourself - ‘I am getting more and more sleepy’ - you don’t need to feel it, just say it to yourself.
  • Now give a little yawn.
  • When your mind wanders, go back and engage your peripheral vision again and say 'I am sleepy'.
  • Just enjoy the feelings of being centred, at a peaceful time of day when there is nothing at all you need to do, just rest.
  • After practicing this for a while you may become aware of the very restful still, silent, spaciousness around you.

Personally, I love to meditate in the dark hours, when it is calm and peaceful. If I wake, I will often get up and meditate for 10 or 20 minutes and then find I sleep soundly and wake up really refreshed.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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