Set targets for successful weight loss

Recent research has been published, which has shown that people on diets who set for themselves actual weight-loss targets, are more successful than those who have a "just see how it goes" attitude.  

The success of the target-based attitude should not surprise hypnotherapists who know just how powerful the human imagination can be when it visualises future outcomes and drive one towards to a desired state. Indeed, it can be stated with confidence those who can "see" themselves in their new state - whether that is being slimmer or without any other problem they suffer - have the best chance of actually getting there. 

In weight loss hypnotherapy, the power of the imagination is everything and to be able to project forward and see yourself as the slim person you wish, is central to a successful outcome to therapy.  Most people have rich imaginations and can recall what they were like when they carried less weight.  They can also recall what being slimmer felt like, how it made them feel more confident and more able to enjoy life. The recall of these feelings in hypnosis can act to reset one's internal compass and direct the mind towards eating behaviours which achieve weight-loss. 

The importance of having a target-based strategy towards weight-loss which includes visualising yourself as your slimmer self should not be surprising. After all, this is how sports psychologists work with professional athletes who sharpen their performance, by getting them to imagine achieving their best. 

New Year dieters should, thus, be bold and not be afraid to set themselves targets for weight loss. Of course, individuals lose weight at different rates and doctors do not advise losing more than three pounds per week. But even at that rate, people could lose nearly a stone per month.  

Those who are thinking about using hypnotherapy to assist their weight loss desire should seek a forward-looking style of treatment based on self-visualisation and reaching targets. Clients should seek success and not waste sessions being asked to examine "why they like chocolate so much?"

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