Science behind gastric band hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy involving weight-loss and virtual gastric band has become really widespread. Many people who’ve tried it swear by it while some remain skeptical. But then, any kind of hypnosis is anchored on a person’s level of belief or willingness to try - it’s bound to be different for each individual. 

But how can hypnotherapy help with gastric band?

That term can be misleading — a patient wouldn’t actually be fitted with a real gastric band when they undergo hypnotherapy. They just are guided into visualising and believing that they have gone through that procedure through various reality-mimicking techniques (introducing hospital scents at specific points in the session, etc). For most, the hypnotherapy session sinks into the subconscious level and that’s where this method of weight-loss does its trick. It would not only make a person change how he perceives eating and what constitutes a healthy and desirable diet, it would also make them conscious about the amount they eat at once — a smaller stomach now, after all, “stuffing” ones self would no longer work as well as before.

There’s a science behind this weight-loss technique that makes it hard to dismiss off hand. We all know the power of subliminal messages in TV commercials and print ads. Marketers have been using the power of indirect suggestion so well and for so long that most of us probably don’t realise we owe them the extra layers of fat in our bodies. But subliminal messages aren’t evil per se — as in the case of hypnotherapy, they can be used to your benefit instead of your detriment. Even if your conscious mind couldn’t overcome the barrier of doubt while undergoing a therapy session, as long as there’s a seed inside yourself that believes it could work, there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t. Your subconscious mind would welcome the suggestions, so even if you consciously refuse to do it, the implanted seeds of suggestion would still grow and bloom.

How can hypnotherapy help with “gastric band”? 

That’s how. Hypnosis would help you dig through the depths of your psychology so you could bring the solution straight to where the problem originates. By comparison, the real gastric band is the short-cut method, and definitely the more dangerous solution. Feel free to explore Adam Cumberland Hypnotherapy to learn more.

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Written by Adam Cumberland - Senior Hypnotherapist

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Written by Adam Cumberland - Senior Hypnotherapist

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