Say "yes!" to confidence!

Picture this: you are at work longing for that promotion. You know you work hard, you’re good at what you do, but it seems that at the interview you just fall to pieces. All the wrong words come tumbling out of your mouth and you wish the floor would literally just swallow you up there and then.

Perhaps someone else gets the job that you’ve set your heart on – they are larger than life, loud, colourful, always able to express themselves. Maybe you envy them – even worse, you might just have an inkling that you would have done the job much better yourself, but they’ve got all the right moves and you are the quiet one. How unfair is that!

Or perhaps you don’t even put yourself forward for that new job or promotion in the first place. Maybe you are suffering from that dreaded condition, “imposter syndrome”, feeling like a fraud and always expecting to be found out at any moment, even though externally everyone else believes you to be competent at what you do. Living with that voice inside your own head that tells you that you’re no good slowly wears away at your self-esteem and courage.

What about socially? Can you talk in a group and feel comfortable, or do you head for the nearest dark corner and try to make yourself as small as possible? Perhaps you need a bit of “Dutch courage” to give you the bravado to make small talk? Are social gatherings a nightmare for you?

If you recognise any of the scenarios above in yourself, have you considered how much your life could change if you increased your levels of confidence and self-worth?

Can you imagine how it would feel to be brimming with confidence, being able to make new friends and mix socially with complete ease? Perhaps becoming more adventurous, grasping new opportunities and looking at life through a whole different lens?

Confidence is probably one of the most important attributes we can have, and it really doesn’t matter what our job is, how old we are, whether we are male or female, rich or poor - confidence makes all the difference to the world that we occupy every single moment of every day. And, trust me, it's no good just feeling confident when you are on your own watching TV - that's not confidence, that's hiding!

Feelings of self-worth and confidence are often installed in us while we are young. If we are lucky our parents, teachers and wider friends and family supported and encouraged us to become independent and free-thinking. Unfortunately, not all of us had perfect role models.

Our experiences in life also enhance or diminish our confidence, depending on how positive or negative they have been. We all know someone whose personality seemed to change after a bad time, such as a nasty divorce or bereavement.

You might ask what's so special about being confident? Well, studies show that confident people are happier and perform better. They feel more positive about the future and show increased levels of enthusiasm for new things. Confidence also brings greater levels of success in our lives.

One way to help increase your confidence is with the use of hypnotherapy. We've all seen the stage shows where an individual from the audience leaps up on stage and performs as Elvis Presley. What is happening there is that the inner confidence is allowed to shine out and the hypnotised person feels vibrant and flowing with confidence. Clinical hypnosis will not turn you into Elvis, but powerful suggestions can be embedded into the mind to replace negative thinking. When you feel empowered, confident and positive then it really doesn’t matter what is going on “out there” because internally you will have found that peace of mind and strong sense of self worth that you’ve been looking for.

If you've had enough of opportunities and life passing you by because you've been too timid to reach out, make contact with a hypnotherapist today to see how they can help.

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Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0QY
Written by Vicky Tunaley, DfSFH HPD BWRT(Adv) CNHC(Reg)
Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0QY

Vicky is a solution focused hypnotherapist and works with a wide variety of conditions. The solution-focused approach combines positive psychology with hypnosis to create a strong environment for change.

Vicky is also a BWRT® practitioner an trained in the FatNosis® technique - a motivational and authoritarian weight coaching system.

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All therapists are verified professionals