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Restore your self-confidence with hypnotherapy

So what is confidence? A common definition of confidence is: 'a feeling of assurance arising from an appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities'. But this definition really doesn't touch on how very important confidence is!

Confidence really is the key to success in our lives. This isn't just confidence to go to an interview or to wear a daring new outfit - it goes far deeper than that. It is about having confidence in ourselves so that we can trust our judgement, our perception and our decision-making ability.

Sometimes we all struggle with a lack of confidence, even if we know deep down that we have the abilities or qualities necessary. Maybe there is a promotion on the cards at work and you know you can do the job standing on your head but as much as you tell yourself, or other people tell you, that you can do it, that self-belief just isn't there. Maybe you are single and want to start dating but you don't think anyone would be interested in you? Maybe you've revised solidly for an exam or test but you are still convinced that you will fail. We are all born with confidence so why is it that we end up feeling this way?

Fundamentally our brain believes what we tell it. If we tell ourselves repeatedly that we are no good, that we are incompetent, stupid and never have a chance of being successful then that is what the brain will think is true. In the case of an interview for that promotion, we may think about how it will all go wrong 100 times before we even step in the room, citing our incompetence and lack of ability as the reasons. By doing this we are effectively forecasting our future despite knowing deep down that we have no idea what the future holds!

Well-meaning friends and family may tell us we are being silly and remind us how capable we are. Alas this makes no difference because the anxiety we are creating by forecasting negatively clouds our judgement and logic and we are unable to see the situation for what it is. The more times we think in this way, the stronger the thought patterns in our brain become. This lack of confidence becomes our 'default'. Before you know it you are not only feeling that lack of confidence at work, but also in your social life and relationships too. Lack of confidence is crippling and can be life changing.

The sad thing is that this lack of confidence can actually hamper our success. The anxiety we experience in these situations means that our judgement and focus are clouded but it also becomes difficult to tap into the intellectual resources available to us. We may have revised for that exam and be 100% prepared but if we are panicked and anxious because we have forecasted it being a disaster then remembering those facts and putting them down coherently will be challenging to say the least! 

So how does hypnotherapy help? Well for starters hypnotherapy calms and relaxes the mind, reducing anxiety and helping you to gain clarity, focus and enable you to think logically. When relaxed, we have access to the subconscious part of the mind where these negative beliefs stem from. The hypnotherapist will make suggestions to improve confidence and may also use imagery to help you visualise nailing that exam, getting that promotion or going on that date! When the mind is relaxed it will accept these suggestions and, as the brain believes what you tell it, it will start to rely on those negative thought patterns less and less, creating new and positive thought patterns that become stronger and stronger with use.

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