Relief from eczema with hypnotherapy

Everyone seems to have advice for an eczema sufferer, from old wives tales to the latest tech device. The advice tends to be from people who have never had dandruff let alone a full-scale flare-up or had to endure the soreness, broken skin, sleepless nights and let’s not forget the itching. These symptoms may seem severe, but the scope of severity can run from dry patches of skin to weeping sores and skin splitting whilst moving.

Someone who endures life with eczema does not need a list of symptoms. They live it. And as they become thoroughly acquainted with their condition over and over again they will become aware of the situations, feelings and even people that aggravate their condition.

One in five children and one in 12 adults have eczema. Doctors often tell sufferers there is no cure and provide the prescription after prescription to help them to “manage” their condition and will sometimes work with them to identify their triggers.

Hypnotherapy for eczema

As a natural solution which can help to generate change on so many levels, hypnotherapy can help to manage the condition physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Hypnotherapy, whilst working in conjunction with your other avenues of relief can help in the following ways:

  • Provide relief from soreness, pain and itching.
  • Identify and overcome stressors/triggers which bring on a flare-up.
  • Replace usual responses to reactions.
  • Promote healing and new growth.

The effects of this condition can be more intrusive than what is shown on skin level. Feelings of stress, lack of control, low self-confidence and poor self-image can all be consequences of this condition. Hypnotherapy can be personally adapted for the individual to specifically target areas which need improving for the benefit of the client.

Utilising hypnotherapy can help improving self-image, generally improving the sufferer's sense of self which may have been affected through years of negative effects of eczema.

It would be wrong to say that hypnotherapy cures everybody of eczema as everybody is an individual and their levels of success will vary. However, you just need to Google eczema and hypnosis to see the evidence of those numerous great successes.

When it’s time to make a real life change in you, hypnotherapy is a great, natural solution to eczema and so many other conditions, behaviours and more.

A natural solution which can help to generate change on so many levels, hypnotherapy can help to manage the condition physically calming and soothing affected areas, and mentally providing alternative and coping techniques for stressors. Working with a good hypnotherapist will also allow the client to express and change the other negative effects this condition can have on one’s confidence and self-image.

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