Regression - a mental spring clean

Regression can be an invaluable tool during a hypnotherapy session when dealing with trauma or repressed memories that have been firmly locked in the depths of the subconscious. This allows a client to do some 'clearance' so they can begin to unburden themselves of year’s worth of misery, pain and despair and finally begin to heal.

Maybe you find yourself experiencing a ‘feeling’ that has been around for a long time and verbally sharing this with others. The usual dialogue is, “I can’t quite put my finger on it but this feeling I get now and again is back again. I just don’t know where it comes from.” This feeling may be associated with anxiety, worry, and physical pain or in extreme cases, withdrawal.

If you imagine for one moment that the part of your mind that stores memories, past events, emotions and skills amongst many other wonderful functions (the subconscious), is like a filing cabinet, a hard drive or a mansion full of many rooms. Just as you spring clean your home or car, mentally it is healthy to spring clean your mind, to unburden yourself of thoughts and feelings that reoccur and have a negative impact on your life.

There have been multiple cases where individuals seek professional help because they have feelings of anger or deep sadness, and this has dominated them for many years but they simply do not know where it comes from. 

Client X (who is happy to share his story) talked about his wonderful childhood and his successful career as a banker. He was very proud that he had a lovely wife of 32 years and three grown up children. There were no problems in any area of his life, yet he was often caught unawares with a deep feeling of anger and being unsupported.

During regression he was four years old again, playing with his big brother who snatched his favourite toy and broke it in half. On hearing his cries his mother and father came into the room and began laughing at the situation as to them it was merely child’s play but to the client, the child, right at that moment, feelings around bullying and not being supported were firmly implanted into his mind. We were able to look at that situation from an adult’s perspective and put it into context which allowed my client to finally release those feelings associated with that event.

Client Y was a 36 year old female who couldn’t function in her home unless it was perfect, spotlessly clean and everything in a strict order. She had lost her single parent mother at the age of 15 and was raised by her Aunty until she got her independence. She had a poor recall of life as a child – it was not particularly happy and every time she went to access memories she described a thick fog coming into her mind. During regression client Y was 9 years old and was sat on the couch – her mum was hoovering but it went on for ages. She was told to sit, watch and be quiet. She recalled how stiff her mum looked with her hair plastered to her head in a tight ponytail and she wore a black apron.

She then spoke about how she was stood in the doorway to the kitchen and her mother was on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor, talking to herself over and over again, scrubbing the same spot.  Her mother’s hands were red and sore through the amount of cleaning she had done. When her mother looked up at her and caught her watching, she kept screaming over and over again, “clean is best, only sinners have a dirty house.”

Neither of these incidents could be consciously recalled when the client was speaking about her past.  There was no memory or even recollection of what had taken place. Once again regression allowed this young women to do some internal ‘spring cleaning’ which meant she became free to live her life without such tiresome restrictions.

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Written by Sally Benson SQHP MHS - Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist

Bradford BD11 & BD4

As a professional clinical hypnotherapist, I help people find meaningful alternatives to their present, unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving and to transform the lives of people who have been programmed over the years for failure, frustration and unhappiness.

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