6 questions asked during a smoking cessation hypnotherapy session

A compilation of popular questions asked during a smoking cessation hypnotherapy session.

  1.  When did you have your first cigarette? 

The chances are you will remember this occasion. Ask any child and they do not like their parents smoking. This is because they view cigarettes as they are; smelly and quite unpleasant. However, children learn by example, so eventually, they may take that decision to smoke. The reasoning is often justified by the need to be grown up and fit in with their peer group.

Did you enjoy it?

The chances are that it was not an enjoyable cigarette. The chances are that you persisted and kept on smoking anyway. Cast your mind back to your first cigarette and recall if you had feelings of dizziness and nausea.

This is your inner mind protecting you from the damage that cigarette is causing. Smoking cigarettes is learned by overriding your natural response to smoking. You have to teach your mind that it is OK to smoke, despite the warnings your body is sending out to make you stop. By repetition, a habit is then established and another smoker is born.                  

Will I get cravings when I quit?

Hypnotherapy helps alleviate the side effects of quitting. Helping you identify what drives your smoking routine and the mechanics that lie behind it is half the battle. Once smoking a cigarette is overridden by a healthy alternative, this means your mind will feel satisfied and there will be no cravings. 

Will I gain weight?

No, as hypnotherapy is not replacing one habit for another. Your body needs a few days to balance and in this time, you may crave sugar. This can be counteracted by taking vitamin C, either as a supplement or fresh orange. After all, there are plenty of slim non-smokers. 

Does Hypnosis work?

The mechanics and drivers that influence smoking are way below conscious decision, so it is far easier to use hypnotherapy, as hypnosis can change the way we feel about smoking. Hypnotherapists are experts and can help, so why go it alone? Whether it is in one session or more, hypnotherapy empowers you to restore total control. The choice to be a non-smoker is then a natural progression. Hypnotherapy gets fast results and keeps it simple. You restore your body's ability to function efficiently and end the desire to smoke.

My family want me to stop but I am not sure?

Do this for yourself primarily, not to please someone else. Make quitting your decision. 

To help you get a perspective on this, write a list of how quitting smoking benefits you personally. Keep the reasons all positive and as specific as possible. For instance, if you are wheezy every morning, " I don't want to wheeze " will be turned around to... "I will breathe easier when I get up each morning", "My breath will be fresh", "I will save money".

Then you can add the other people in your life it will positively affect. "I can run around with my children", "I can spend more quality time with my husband"... anything that resonates with you. Write them down and once you have stopped, read them every day to keep you motivated.            

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