Quit smoking using hypnotherapy

Are you fed up of smoking? Is it time to kick nicotine to the curb once and for all?

Smoking is a tough and complicated habit to break free from. In fact, of the addictions a hypnotherapist can help clients overcome, smoking is one of the hardest to break. Many smokers, just like you, feel enslaved to nicotine, but hypnotherapy will help you on your journey to becoming a non-smoker. As we will discuss, smoking is in fact a two fold addiction and hypnotherapy has many advantages as a method to helping you quit for good. Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking will help you break free from the addiction and will do so without pills, patches or potions.

Have you tried to quit before?

Smoking is a two fold addiction and therefore to quit long-term, both aspects of the addiction need to be addressed and hypnotherapy will help you with both of these aspects. Addiction to cigarettes is a double addiction because it works on both the physical and psychological levels and also on the conscious and subconscious levels.

What is the physical addiction?

Every cigarette you smoke contains hundreds of dangerous chemicals, which are very harmful to you. The main addictive substance is of course nicotine. It is common for smokers to explain that they actually need to smoke to help with stress. However smoking itself causes you stress and then you use a cigarette to relieve that very stress - so you are using cigarettes to relieve the stress they caused you in the first place. Let me explain how this works.

Nicotine gets you hooked and as soon as you finish a cigarette, stubbing it out, that desire, that craving for nicotine begins again anew. It doesn’t take very long before that craving for nicotine increases and that desire to have more nicotine will of course also feel stressful. This is a physical craving for nicotine, a chemical substance. You don’t enjoy that feeling of being stressed and so the obvious solution is to have a smoke, to have a cigarette, and consume some nicotine and in so doing fulfil that desire and feed the cravings. You light up a cigarette get that nicotine hit and as a result, the physical cravings subside. However, as soon as that cigarette has been finished the nicotine cravings will again slowly increase.

The cycle restarts and the physical desire to smoke increases until you have another cigarette. So smoking really does create stress and once they quit, ex-smokers in fact report feeling a new sense of calm within weeks. They are no longer enslaved to the physical addiction of nicotine and so feel less stress as a result.

This cycle can be broken. Using hypnotherapy, you can increase your resolve and increase the volume level on the arguments, the sensible arguments, that smoking is unhealthy and that smoking does not in fact help you with stress whatsoever. In fact, as you will agree, it increases stress and creates its own stress as well. Hypnotherapy will help you move the decision making power away from nicotine and back to you. Hypnotherapy for smoking works by helping you shift motivation, confidence and self belief back to you. Nicotine has been telling you that you need it. With the help of some powerful hypnotherapy, you will soon feel and see that it’s really you who is in charge and nicotine has no power over you whatsoever. You don’t really need it - that was simply the nicotine talking.

What is the psychological addiction?

The physical addiction is one side of the story and once that has been sorted out you can move on to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of smoking.  

Do you feel you need to smoke to get through a busy or stressful day? Do you smoke at certain times such as after a meal or when bored or need a break? If there are patterns or a routine to your smoking, then these may make up some of the psychological aspects of your habit.

Remember that patches or gum will take care of the physical addiction to nicotine but will not address the psychological aspects of your habit. Hypnotherapy will address all these aspects, and as such is a broader and more rounded approach. Patches simply move your addiction from cigarettes to gum or a patch. You are still addicted to nicotine but now you spend money on patches and gum to answer those cravings. Hypnotherapy will help you be free from addiction for good.

There are emotional associations between smoking and feeling stressed, bored, anxious or down. If you use smoking to change how you feel or use it to fit in with others, to give you some time alone or to deal with aspects of your daily life, you must look at those emotional and psychological aspects too. Without addressing these other reasons for smoking, you will find it very hard to beat your cravings to smoke.

Hypnotherapy is all about changing your programming on a deeper level. For example, at some point a connection may have been made between smoking and stress. This will mean that should you feel stress, be that at work or at home, the immediate answer will be a cigarette. This can become so inbuilt that you hardly question it anymore. It has become a part of your internal programming. When things are ingrained on a deeper level, we need a solution which itself works and addresses your habit on a deeper, more subconscious level. This is where hypnotherapy comes in and can be so effective.

Any smoker will tell you how annoying and frustrating it can be when told by non-smokers how unhealthy, smelly or repugnant their habit is. Smokers know the health dangers, they’re not stupid. However simply knowing something is unhealthy is not going to be enough. Remember that the addiction works on two levels. You can tell a smoker how bad it is and make them feel guilty, however smokers feel both psychologically and physically compelled to smoke. The addiction is ingrained more deeply and so your surface arguments cannot penetrate and uproot the compulsion to smoke.

Hypnotherapy will go deeper, changing attitudes and perspectives on a deeper level. However help them with both these aspects of the addiction and the power of the addiction will be so reduced that smoking will more easily become a distant memory, an old addiction which no longer has any power to compel them.

Hypnotherapy will help you with both aspects of the smoking habit, helping you kick both the physical and psychological components of this habit. Hypnotherapy will increase motivation and confidence and you will soon be starting a fresh chapter as a non-smoker.

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Written by Jason Demant (L.M.T.C.P.H. GHR reg. GQHP) Addictions, Anxiety, Pain, Phobias

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Jason Demant is a London Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in addictions.

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