Planning New Year weight-loss?

Even as we are in the middle of Christmas parties, big dinners and lots of chocolates – many of us are planning to focus on weight loss in the New Year. I know that over the years it has been high up on my list of resolutions on many different occasions.

Often it isn’t long into January before willpower fades or the old emotional thinking and bad habits creep back in.

Even if we do succeed in sticking to it and lose weight, it doesn’t always last. We get fed up with feeling deprived. Or something stressful happens at work or we have an argument at home and we slip back into the idea that food equals happiness or comfort (or whichever emotion is your own personal link).

This is why hypnotherapy is a great way to help tackle your weight loss. You don’t just go on a diet. You can:

  • break the yo-yo dieting cycle
  • learn new long term healthy eating patterns
  • let go of old emotional links to food and eating
  • find the motivation to exercise – you can even discover the type of exercise that suits you and that you enjoy
  • increase your confidence and happiness now – not waiting for that magical moment when you hit a certain number on the scales.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who want to lose weight, and in my experience the people who have the most positive experience of weight-loss with hypnotherapy are those who are fed up with the old diets and up and down progress they have experienced. They want to stop obsessing about food and what to eat and when to eat it. They want to learn how to enjoy food and exercise in a healthy and natural way.  The word my clients most often use is “normal” – they want to eat normally – they want to feel normal.

If you want to find out more, there are many different weight loss hypnotherapy programmes available – including virtual gastric bands. Different hypnotherapists work in different ways and have expertise in different areas – so shop around and look at the programmes on offer because there will be a hypnotherapist and a weight-loss programme that suits you.

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