Phobias and Cognitive Hypnotherapy

One of the basic tenets of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that 'every behaviour serves a good purpose to the unconscious mind'.

With some phobias it is really easy to see what that purpose is and it is often protection or safety. Someone who has a dog phobia might be scared the dog will attack, bite and cause injury. Someone with a bee phobia might be scared of the consequences of being stung. They may even have a story of a friend of a friend who died following a bee sting.

With other phobias it is very difficult at first glance to see what the positive intention is. For example, a phobia of buttons is very difficult for most people to understand. But for the person suffering it is a very real fear.

The purpose or intention behind the fear often lies so far back in your life that you can’t even remember where it came from. Perhaps, nothing bad ever happened to you in connection to the object of your fear. Sometimes we simply pick these fears up from our parents or siblings. I used to have a spider phobia and I don’t know where it came from. But I do have strong memories of my older brother, who I looked up to, being scared of spiders too.

Does it matter where your fear came from?  

Well I believe the answer is “maybe”. If it is important for you to identify where it came from as part of your therapy – then it probably does matter and might be an important part of your treatment plan. If you just want to let go of the fear and move on then you may not be interested in knowing why. Most of my hypnotherapy clients are happy just to get rid of it.

There are many different branches of hypnotherapy, and many different techniques which work really well with phobias and fears. Whichever hypnotherapist you choose to work with, they should spend some time talking to you and finding out about you and your problem before they choose which technique to use. You are an individual, with your own past history and your own future goals and this should all be built into your treatment plan.

Most simple phobias can be dealt with in one or two hypnotherapy sessions, but I always recommend a final session. This usually takes place after you’ve spent a few weeks enjoying life without your fear. This session is very important as it allows us to 'consolidate' all of the positive changes within your unconscious mind and helping to ensure they are permanent.

Finally, no matter what it is that frightens you; don’t be afraid to do something about it. An experienced hypnotherapist will understand how real your fear is. I’m also sure they will have encountered something similar before like buttons, knives, flowers, pencils or Christmas glitter. Just take the first step to let go of your fear.

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