Past life regression therapy

"It puts the client in a magical forest with a healing tree" -Dr Brian Weiss reveals how he used hypnosis and regression to past lifetimes to supply healing breakthroughs for clients when all other traditional methods of therapy had failed.


His work with a young female patient, Catherine, who was experiencing recurring nightmares and chronic anxiety was ground-breaking. The account of Catherine's  regression to past lives can be found in Brian L. Weiss,M.D. Many Lives, Many Masters. 1988.

His books have extensive case studies of clients who have revealed vivid details of their past lives.

After reading his books I was inspired to  train as a past life therapist over 20 years ago. I was seeking answers following a series of personal setbacks in my own life. During my training I had several past life regression sessions. I found the experience to be deeply relaxing and cathartic as the therapist guided me into a deep state using a combination of hypnotic techniques and shamanic healing.

As you uncover and heal old wounds from the past and release self-limiting beliefs you will begin to understand your true purpose and place in the universe. When you embark on a regression, memories surface, sometimes in vivid detail.

Past life journeys can sometimes supply answers that traditional medicine or therapy cannot. It can also help us to understand relationships in our present life.  The therapeutic approach is holistic and combines mind, body and spirit. It helps you to gain access to your subconscious, and supplies a gateway to understanding issues and relationships that you may be finding troubling. 

The subconscious mind is not limited by barriers of time, space or logic and it can remember everything. It is creative and can  give us solutions which the conscious mind may be struggling with. 

Past life regression can have a positive effect on all aspects of life and can have a powerful effect when all other methods have failed. There may be something you are struggling with and you keep coming up against a brick wall. In this case a journey back in time may aid in removing blockages and recurring patterns of behaviour. 

In my own practice I also encourage clients interested in past life regression Therapy to start to keep a dream journal because our dreams are often packed with symbols, metaphors and clues. This past life detective work can reveal valuable information directly from the subconscious.

But is the past life real?

When you experience a past life regression session you may be amazed by the vivid details which seems to have surfaced! But is it real or are you just making it up?

You don’t have to believe in past lives or reincarnation for past life therapy to work. The experience of the inner voyage journey as you are guided by your therapist allows your imagination free rein. It can give new insight into old issues leading to closure, transformation and healing. A journey backward in time will help in gradually realising our full potential.

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Written by Ann Hamilton, SQHP | Senior Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Supervisor
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Ann Hamilton. MA, BSc Hons, DAHP, GHR, CNHC, Dip EMDR, EFT, MIACHT.
GHR Acknowledged Supervisor
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