Passing your driving test

So you have passed the theory test with flying colours and your driving instructor thinks you are a natural - you prepare really well for the driving test and have had lots of lessons, but when the day of the test arrives it doesn’t go according to plan and you fail on some really basic points. Your confidence is in tatters!

You know that you are a good driver and your instructor knows that you are a good driver but you do not have that magic piece of paper that proves it. You just have to book another test, wait, practise and hope that you don’t mess up again.

So how can hypnotherapy help?

The exam performance course was originally designed for use in senior schools to teach students psychological skills and self-belief to enable them to achieve their potential. The basic ideas of the course: focus, target setting, rehearsing and resilience of the student may be applied in many different exam settings and it suits the needs of the driving test candidate very well.

With the client in a state of deep relaxation they may be taught relaxation techniques and then encouraged to visualise success. The hypnotherapist will use relaxation and visualisation alongside positive reinforcement. The client will mentally rehearse passing the test in a very natural way as the therapist covers each element of the test in detail. Any sense of anxiety is turned in to positive energy and channelled into success.

The client may also be given a homework task to complete each evening when they will be asked to visualise success in the driving test. Sometimes the client will receive an audio track of some sort to listen to but often the therapist will simply teach the technique.

If you need help to pass the driving test then why contact a hypnotherapist?

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