Overeating: it's in your mind not on your plate!

Some people feel as if they are literally addicted to food, yet unlike other "typical" addictions (such as alcohol or gambling) we cannot eliminate food as we need to eat in order to survive. As our mind drives all our habits and automatic behaviours, it makes sense to turn to hypnosis to overcome overeating.

Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on diets and exercise, and whilst these are both important, it is the mind where the drive to overeat comes from. Hypnotherapy helps to divert the need to eat for emotional reasons somewhere else. Hypnotherapy can enable people to easily and effortlessly decrease their portion sizes, increase motivation for exercise and much more.

In the past hypnotherapy was not always taken seriously but now it is more highly regarded and used my many therapists and psychologists alike as a positive tool in changing behaviours, thoughts and feelings about food.

Part of the focus in treating compulsive overeating is on the relationship the person has with themselves (which is often a very self-critical one). It is about being able to accept themselves as someone who size is in transition and someone who is taking control of the situation rather than someone who has failed. It is not the overweight person who has failed, but more likely that dieting has failed them.

It's helpful to increase non-food treats and self-care activities as well as working towards a kind, caring and compassionate relationship with the self. In other words talking to yourself the way a best friend would rather than beating yourself up. Hypnotherapy continues to be an enjoyable and relaxing therapy for clients and practitioners alike and although it is not magic, we see some magical smiles from happy clients and that is what makes it worthwhile.   

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