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Have you ever experienced that unpleasant sensation of feeling your face go bright red? Maybe when you were speaking in a meeting at work, giving a presentation, or when you were in a social situation. The problem is that, once it has happened in a certain situation, you worry about blushing the next time. And worrying about it makes the blushing worse! You probably only have to think about the last time you blushed and you can feel the blood rushing to your face again.

Blushing seems like a trivial problem. However, it can get in the way of everyday life. It can make you feel nervous about specific situations. It can cause you to avoid certain places or people. Blushing can even hold you back from making new friends or progressing in your career.

Blushing involves a great deal of mind-body interaction. Simply remembering an embarrassing incident can cause the blood vessels of our face to dilate, allowing more blood to reach the surface of the skin. This demonstrates that, the power of our mind alone can affect the blood flow in our bodies. This is a great example of the power the mind has over the body. The good news is that we can harness this mind-body connection to gain control of blushing.

Here are a couple of great techniques you can use to overcome the problem of blushing. These are particularly great to use if you tend to blush when doing any type of public speaking:

The Cool Breeze Technique

  • Get yourself into a nice relaxed state. 
  • With every breath you take, allow yourself to relax more and more deeply.
  • Now imagine a situation which used to make you blush, for example, a public speaking situation. Really vividly imagine being in that situation.
  • Feel yourself getting hot and your face going red. Feel the blood rushing to your face and actually heating it up.
  • Now, imagine a cooling breeze blowing across your face.
  • This breeze cools your face down and the blood moves away from your face and back into your body.
  • As this happens you say the words “calm and relax” to yourself in your mind and see the words “calm and relax” in front of your eyes.
  • As your face cools, the breeze cools your whole body, making you feel calm, at ease and relaxed.
  • With every breath you take imagine yourself becoming cooler and more relaxed.

The Ruler Technique

As you know, blushing is all caused by your mind.

This technique proves to your subconscious mind that you can increase your blush response. If you can increase it using just the power of your mind, then you must also be able to decrease it.

You do this as follows:

  • Get yourself into a nice relaxed state. 
  • Imagine a ruler in front of you. Numbers from zero to one hundred are marked on the ruler. The ruler measures your level of relaxation. When you are embarrassed, the ruler measures 80, 90 or even 100. When you are completely unconscious the ruler measures zero.
  • While you are in this lovely relaxed state notice what number of the ruler measures you level of your relaxation.
  • Think of a recent incident which made you feel very embarrassed. Really be there again right now. Imagine it vividly.
  • Once you are visualising that event very clearly, notice what number you currently are on the ruler.
  • Then let go of the event you were just remembering. It is in the past now so you can let go of it.
  • Clear you mind by thinking of a pleasant, relaxing place.
  • Imagine the ruler again and using the power of your mind, lower the number of the ruler down several levels.
  • Now picture yourself in a difficult situation, such as giving a talk to lots of people. As you imagine this bring the numbers on the ruler down and allow yourself to become more and more relaxed.

This technique demonstrates to your subconscious mind that you can increase your blushing, just by using your thoughts. If you can increase your blush levels, then logically, you must also be able to decrease your blushing, using your thoughts.

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